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Saffron Hall Music Festival

On Friday 28th February, the choir and orchestra performed at the Saffron Hall, in front of a audience of 400 people.
The adjudicator, the head of music at the County High, graded both the choir and Orchestra as 'Outstanding'.


This is what he said:


The Orchestra


The sound is a really pleasing one from such a mixed ensemble and the balance between the different instruments is very good. This leads to an engaging and musical performance of a multi-layered piece.

What a contrast your second piece made - and you show your ability to sustain a nice legato phrase, as well as your good intonation.

All in all, your three pieces combine to make a really enjoyable programme - well prepared and performed. Thank you! 

The Choir

You sing with a good projection to the sound and manage to fill this large space with ease. the diction is clear at all times and you handle the part singing with ease and confidence. Most of your are watching Mrs Wheeler carefully and this means that your phrase starts and finishes are really neat and tidy. Something tells me that the last piece was your favourite! The movements add to the overall sense of fun and enjoyment. Secure intonation at all times.

The 4 possible grades were: Outstanding, Very Good, Good and Fair.