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Rounders Tournament

In the afternoon of Friday 20th June, a team of 9 Year 6 pupils represented the school at a very enjoyable rounders tournament held at Newport Free Grammar School. They were in a pool of large local schools with RAB, Felsted, Great Chesterford and Dame Bradbury. 

They won their opening matches against RAB and Felsted with an excellent display of all round skills and outstanding team spirit. The next game against Dame Bradburys was one of the best games of rounders Mr Lloyd or Mr Wallace had ever seen. Both teams played brilliantly and KSJS were unlucky to lose by a narrow margin. It was a similar story in the final match against Great Chesterford.

In the end, KSJS only just missed out on the play-offs on rounders scored. Mr Lloyd and Mr Wallace were immensely proud of the pupils for both the progress they have shown when playing and for the way they conducted themselves.

1. KSJS (8) v RAB (4 1/2)
2. KSJS (5 1/2) v Felsted (4)
3. KSJS (5 1/2) v Dame Bradbury (6 1/2)
4. KSJS (5 1/2) v Great Chesterford (6)

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