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Little Weirwold Model Village


While most of Year 6 were on their residential in Bournemouth, the remaining children merged into a single class under the direction of Mr. Hull. They planned and created a model village based on 1:76 scale, using nets of 3D shapes to create buildings like houses, pubs, shops, churches and inns.

 Then they used their artistic skills to made each property individual. Once the buildings had been created, each was issued with a plot of land, and they created their own gardens.

The project used maths to create nets of shapes, and ratio to explain the scale.
Art to paint and draw the scenery.
Design Technology to plan and make plans for the town and to build the properties.
ICT and Literacy as the children wrote about their experiences in building the village.

As the village was based upon the fictional village of Little Weirwold, (from the book Goodnight Mr. Tom) essentials like the church and graveyard, train station and Spooky Cott were included.

The village was created to represent a village during World War 2. Therefore, Anderson shelters, allotments and the Home Guard are very prevalent. The children were careful not to include anything that would be an anachronism (an object that is not from that time period.)

All the class worked very hard as a team to create each feature, making the Design Technology process very enjoyable.

Please enjoy the photos and children's writing below.

If you are inspired to create your own railway, please visit this website.

WWII Model Village

 First everybody got given some sort of net of either a house or a church tower. Then we had to start designing our houses. Next we added different textures with our different colouring designs.

Then Mr Hull Gave us a plot of land in the village “Little Weirworld” and then we added hedges and Plants to our gardens with green cut up sponges. After that we made an Anderson shelter out of either plastic cups or yogurt pots or cardboard. Meanwhile some people were building up the mountains around our little village using paper maché which was good fun to make, and then we left it to dry during the course of the day.

After school Mr Hull went home and had a rummage in his loft where he found his model railway set and bought it into school for us to build a track around “Little Wierworld”. But the track was a little bit too big so Alfie, William, TJ and of course Mr Hull nailed it to the ground well the wood. After that, we painted our village and added the finishing touches like post boxes and pubs Shannon is very proud of hers “The Red Lion” and the little bits like paving stones and trees.

The reason for building our beautiful village “Little Weirworld” was because the other half of years 6 were of to Bournemouth for most of the week. Mr Hull wanted us to enjoy this week as much as the people at Bournemouth did.

Shannon enjoyed making her Pub “The Red Lion” and her garden. She thought the best part of the village was her pub and the railway line.

Sarah enjoyed building her house and designing it. Her favourite part of the village was also the railway line.

For the past few days the children who didn’t go to Bournemouth have been working on a project based on World war 2 (Little Weirworld). All of the children who didn’t go to Bournemouth Made the little village out of recyclable things, they all made one house or a church or bar. There was a group that made pavements that was lead by Daniel M with the help of Seweryn and Jordan S.

 Then there were the boys who nailed the railway, TJ and William. There was a paper mache group who made the mountains who was – Lauma, Megan, Jade and Natalia. There were people who made the sky who were Liam S, Liam S, Seweryn and William. Also there is the train station group which was made up from –Louise, Harriet, Rebecca and Emily. The people who painted the hills were – Megan, Jade, Nikita and Rae – Lee. The people who furnished and finished the pavements were, Havva, Natalia and Alfie. The tree people are Daniel M and Jordan S. We made a village that was very detailed and we tried not to have any anachronism’s which mans something that doesn’t fit into that period of time!

We had things like trees, pubs, hotels, pavements,old cars, an old steam engine, hills and Anderson shelter so over all it was very detailed and we took our time. It is all put on a huge piece of wood which Mr Hull kindly bought in from his attic, he bought in lots of other things like a mini old telephone box and old cars. We made all of this because we didn’t go to Bournemouth and we wanted to have fun as well, it helped develop our team working skills and we couldn’t of done this without everybody else’s help.

We figured out that if we would have to do this without anybody (like me by myself) it would take 5 weeks and 2 days so we are very grateful we had all of this help! We were very pleased with the final result and these are some things that the children said – ‘It’s amazing how much we could have done in 2 days!’ Havva commented. We want to thank the teachers who helped us, Mr Hull, Mrs Saville-Owen, Mrs Twemlow and Mrs Howitt, we are very pleased and have had a very fun week even though we didn’t go to the residential.

On Wednesday 22nd of October the remaining pupils of year 6 started a project mr. Hull decided  we would make a model village called Little Weirworld.

Mr. Hull gave all the pupils left a net of a house and we had draw the bricks a very small scale then we made pubs, hotels and restaurants.

Then mr. Hull brought in a big piece of wood so then we stuck our houses on to the wood then we made are garden with green card and we put in Anderson shelters  and bushes.

Jordan S brought in loads of little army men and Mr. Hull brought in a train set and TJ and Will nailed the track down. Mrs. Twemlow and a group made some hills out of paper mache.

Then people created the sky and scenery. Then a group done the trees, and painted the hills.  

Ben T.


Our World War 2 village

 First everybody got told that our task was to make a model village and we decided that we would call it Little Weirwold. Everybody got told to make a house to live in but some people got the church to make so they made a house as well to live in. When we had finished our house we went to Mr Hull who gave us some green paper for our garden.

  In our gardens we put Anderson shelters in and some people had flower patches also we used sponges to help make our garden. Meanwhile some people were out painting stuff for their house like the Anderson shelter.

We made hedges out of the sponges and we dipped them in green paint then we made grass out of green paper after that we made gates out of cardboard that people bought in.

Mr Hull bought in some items for us to use so we could make our village he bought in things like a train and trees to help us. The train set was put in an oval shape around the village. For our back gardens we made little duck pounds and some people made little indoor swimming pools but we also had outdoor swimming pools to. Emily enjoyed making her pub called The Axe to put in the village.

The reason we did this project is because the other members of the class went to Bournemouth and are having lots of fun so we decided while they were gone  we were going to have a good time as well so we are trying to make them jealous.

We weren’t aloud to use anachronism because they were not appropriate for the time period we were studying.

Ryan Greenaway and Sam Lewis.

Ww2 two model village

While the rest of Year six were at Bournemouth, the other half of the year starting the project

Firstly we were given a template which we had to draw tiny bricks and we coloured the template before we could even start putting it together, we used P.V.A. glue.

The people that finished their houses were issued a spot where their house would be put, if you finished early you would get bigger gardens and more space. Everyone made Anderson shelters which were made out of junk were put into our gardens which we made things like flowers for our back gardens, Jade and Megan were lucky enough to have their house and back gardens in the mountains.

We also had a train track that went around the village, TJ and  William hammered  nails through the track to stick it down. Luke, Sam, Rebecca, Rae-lee, Megan and Jade made the mountains out of paper Mache.

Daniel, Jordan and Sweveryn made pavements around the village.

By Luke J and Matthew S