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Mission X Landing Day

On Tuesday 27th March 2012 5JD returned to Stansted Mountfitchet Maths and Computing College for the landing day of Mission X. The children had a fabulous day, participating in various activities. They tested their dexterity skills – eating jelly and completing puzzles with gloves on! The children continued to “train like an astronaut”, completing a variety of PE activities.

For many, the most enjoyable activities took place in the science labs…observing “the screaming jelly baby” and testing different foods for their food groups – using an array of very exciting chemicals!

Another highlight of the day for 5JD was going to visit “Bridget”, a Mars Rover prototype. They watched her climbing over rocks and enjoyed learning about how she was made (all £2.5M of her!) and understanding more about travelling to Mars.


“I enjoyed the Mission X landing day so much. My favourite part of the day was doing the amazing sport. It was my favourite because we got to use all the fun gym equipment. I also enjoyed seeing Bridget, the Mars Rover. I enjoyed her because she could climb over rocks”. Faith M.

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