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Maths Puzzle Week Photos

Maths Week – Happy Puzzle Company and NSPCC Fundraising Activity


This week, we held a Maths Puzzle week and it has once again been a great success with the children having many opportunities to solve a variety of puzzles and investigations both in their classes and in their year groups. All the school really enjoyed the Happy Company Puzzle workshops and many children and parents came after school to buy some of the puzzles for themselves.   We have included some reports that the Year 3 children wrote about the workshop. 


The children (and staff!) all enjoyed their fundraising activity as well .  Year 3 and 4 completed fraction challenges in the hall using bean bags to aid them.  Year 5 took on the take of seeing how many Maths challenges they could complete and Year 6 took part in a 'Who wants to be a Mathionairre?'

It was great to be able to have fun and learn in maths, as well as raise important money for vulnerable children through supporting the charity NSPCC.  Once we have collected all the money in, we will post on the website the total money raised.


The Happy Puzzle Company


First, we were told that six children had to sit on the blue mat. Then we started to play the game of handcuffs. We ended by saying bye to the lovely man called Paul. After that we were learning to work in groups. We practiced to play the silver handcuffs game. We played two puzzles and a beautiful hard game called ice burg. Then we made a scary creature with pipes and gave it super powers and a secret name. Then we built a lovely beautiful princess castle.


Sabarisha  M & Saffron L


The Happy Puzzle Company


First we sat on blue mats of six people. The man who did the puzzle company did some amazing hand cuff tricks. Then we played penguin iceberg game it was exciting, fun and interesting. After that, we did some hard puzzles. We built a monster out of pipes. I really enjoyed my fab day. The best part about my day was the metal, cold and strong hand cuff trick. My second best thing was the ‘build a monster out of pipes’.


 By Emily G  and Georgia K


                             The Happy Puzzle Company


First, we were asked to sit on a comfy blue mat. Next, we had a big introduction. Then, we had a go at the handcuffs. Soon, we had a go at lots of other puzzles such as: Iceberg, Challenge jigsaws, Build a castle, Build an animal and Time Map. After, we were asked to answer a trick question. 36 sheep, 1 went to the vet, how many are left? There was a complete silence in the hall. Then we all thought that the answer was 35 but we forgot that it was a trick question.


By Jacob H and Sean B