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KSJ win Essex Science Quiz



 On Wednesday the 10th of June, 4 pupils from Katherine Semar Junior School went to Lawford Mead Primary School to participate in the Essex heat of a science quiz.

        There were two year fives and two year sixes: Christian S. and Georgina D. from Year 5 and Tom M. and Brody T. from Year six.

Each Team-member had a handset to answer the multiple choice questions. As they where Radio wave controlled, instead of the usual infrared, we could leave the remote on the table. Also, we could see the updated scores after every question.

There were 40 questions, some of which were very challenging, split up into two sections - a section of 30 questions and a section of 10.

The questions were worth 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 points, all of which are divisible by 4. We could confer amongst our-selves and if we didn’t know the answer we would be guarantied a quarter of the points if we all those different answers. If not, we could gamble on doing 50/50 or all going for the same answer.

We all worked really well as a team and we therefore won by nearly 500 points, having earned just less than 2300 points.

        We would like to thank Mr Lloyd, everyone who supported us and the two parents that supplied the transportation there.

Written by Tom M. and Brody T.