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KSJ Vs St. Thomas More Football

On Wednesday 9th November 2011, Katherine Semar B team played St. Thomas More away. Max Halls was captaining the side and one the toss choosing to shoot uphill first. St Thomas Moore put a bit of pressure on Max Skingsley but played well and didn’t concede. Bradley Jones played a short throw to Max Halls who curled a left shot against the post.

About 3 minutes later, Callum Chapman had a shot which rebounded and Max Halls bicycled kicked it but went wide. Nothing else really happened and the year 4s (Kieran, Charlie, tom and Aiden) playing really well.

The half time whistle went and it was 0-0 but Semar the better team. Semar had the advantage now shooting down hill and kick off. Strait from the start Toby shot at goal narrowly wide. We went up 1-0 when Bradley Jones took a corner and the defender could only clear far enough to Charlie who passed to max halls and crossed to Callum Chapman and smashed the ball home. After that, it went a bit quiet with no pressure to both goalkeepers. We got another goal when Pablo Borrego passed well to Max Halls who shot and Callum Chapman tapped it in. We then grabbed another goal when tom played the ball to Max Halls and played a 1 2 with Callum and he smashed it in for his first goal in the season. There was late drama when Max Skingsley conceded a penalty but to are luck it went over the bar for are first clean sheet of the season. Then the full time whistle went and Katherine Semar had one 3-0. We would like to thank Mr Wallace for arranging the game and St. Thomas More for the food and the parents who supported us. 


On Wednesday 9th November 2011 KSJ played St. Thomas More in an intense football match (away). St. Thomas More had kick off but it wasn’t a very good start. After a couple of substitutes we were playing really well and which allowed Cory to get the ball and set John up for an amazing goal . the score was now 1-0 to KSJS . ST. Thomas Moore had kick of once again and they had just managed to dribble past our defenders but there shots to the top corners would never get past our amazing keeper Jack Sanders. 
After Jack's immense save , St. Thomas Moore had a corner but it didn’t go well as Anton got the ball and was running up the pitch but he slipped over luckily we regained possession which gave John a good chance to add to his tally of goals. 
Now the score was 2-0 as half time struck. After half time we had kick off which allowed John to pressurise there keeper but unluckily saved it. As the keeper booted the ball up field , it allowed St. Thomas More to lob Jack bringing it to 2-1. we had kick off once again . Slipping over again and loosing the ball , this allowed ST. Tomas Moore to shoot but jack saved it allowing them to have a corner. Taking the corner , jack luckily punched it out but unluckily came to the ST. Thomas Moore defender allowing him to shoot and unluckily score the score was now 2-2.we had kick off . after that , Harry got past all of the defenders and had an amazing shot that only just landed on the line which made the suspected goal not a goal. In the end the score was 2-2. we would like to thank Mr. Wallace for refereeing the second half and to all of the parents and staff who came to support!!!

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