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KSJ victorious at every level during Netball tournament

It was smiles and cheers all round as Katherine Semar won each and every group of a netball tournament held at the Saffron Walden County High School. On Friday 26th February 2010, during a blustery winter's day, 8 teams from KSJ ventured down to the County High to play against other schools.

The tournament was held in 5 groups,  each one running as a separate competition. KSJ won each and every group.


Group 1


KSJ1 vs St Thomas More1 Won 9:0
KSJ1 vs RAB1 Won 4:0
KSJ1 vs Ashdon1 Won 7:0
KSJ1 vs St. Mary's1 Won 6:0



Group 1 winners


Group 2


KSJ2 vs St. Thomas More2 Won 2:1
KSJ2 vs RAB3 Draw 1:1
KSJ2 vs RAB2 Won 4:0
KSJ2 vs KSJ3 Won 5:0


Group 2 Winners


Group 3

KSJ4 vs St. Mary's2 Won 7:0
KSJ4 vs RAB5 Won 2:0
KSJ4 vs Ashdon2 Won 4:0
KSJ4 vs RAB4 Won 2:0



Group 3 winners!


Group 4


KSJ5 vs RAB7 Won 1:0
KSJ5 vs RAB6 Won 2:0
KSJ5 vs St. Thomas More3 Won 4:0
KSJ5 vs RAB8 Won 3:0



Group 4 Winners!


Group 5


KSJ6 vs KSJ7 Won 4:0
KSJ6 vs KSJ8 Won 2:0
KSJ6 vs RAB9 Draw 0:0
KSJ6 vs RAB10 Won 4:0




Group 5 Winners!