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KSJ V ST. MARYS - Football

On Wednesday the 21st of March, KSJ A team played ST .Marys football team. The first half started well with Cameron knocking in the first goal of the game. St. Marys then had kickoff. After kickoff, St. Marys shot in which gave Fabian an easy save. As Fabian rolled it out to john, St. Marys put pressure on him in which made him clear the ball then hit the cross bar, bounced on the line and out. This then fell into the keepers hands. As the keeper threw the ball to his wingers, Cameron quickly attacked and won the ball. This gave Cameron the chance to cross it into the middle. Playing a 1-2 with Cory, this gave Cameron to have a left foot shot which hit the post and gave Harry a great sliding goal which lead the score up to 2-0. As we played on, ST. Marys cleared the ball for a corner to us. As Harry took the corner, John ran into the box and luckily headed it in! it was now 3-0! That was the end of the first half!

The second half also started well with John and Milosz breaking up the play in defence. Milosz then cleared it which flew to Cameron’s feet which aloud him to add to his tally. As St. Mary's pushed forward, Fabian was strong in goal from St . Marys shot giving then them a corner. Taking a great corner , Fabian came out to meet the ball with a punch. Then jack one the ball passing it to harry who controlled it and shot into the back of the net! The score was now 5-0 to KSJ. The full time whistle was blown! We would like to thank parents and Mr. Hull for supporting us and also Mr. Haralambous for coaching us very well!!