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KSJ take part in National Science and Engineering Week

March 12-21 this year was National Science and Engineering Week in the U.K.

As part of this celebration of science, all KSJ pupils took part in a variety of activities and investigations in a week-long science fair. The tasks ranged from designing outstanding paper aeroplanes to building a wind powered winch (taking inspiration from the sustainably-powered winch and wells in use in some areas of the third world) using only classroom resources.

Not only did each pupil have to use a variety of skills such as: team work and communication, analytical thinking, problem solving, assessing risks and working safely and careful practical skills, these skills were also assessed and led to one pupil from each class earning the title of 'Super scientist'!

As you can see from the photos, science week was a great success and was enjoyed thoroughly by all staff and pupils and who knows if someone here has taken their first steps to becoming the next Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin or Isambard Kingdom Brunel...