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KSJ Netball Team Win

On Wednesday 21 March Katherine Semar played St. Thomas More in a netball match. We played high five.

It started of well with Chloe’s amazing first centre that lead Charlotte  in a good position to shoot a shot from standing on the middle of the D!

Having strong defenders, (Amber GD and Ella GK) they put good pressure on the other team and St. Thomas More didn’t manage to score any goals!

Katherine Semar kept up the good work in that quarter and that quarter ended with the score of 4-0!

We swapped positions; we had strong defenders, brilliant passes and amazing shots by Amber and Ella.

The end score so far was 8-0. 

 Carrying on Ella had a good centre pass which lead Skye into getting 4 goals in the net!

That led us to 12-0. in the last quarter, we put pressure on their shooters and that lead to Charlotte  and Chloe adding in another 5 goals in.

Sadly, their centre let in a good pass, which our defenders couldn’t block and managed to score a goal. The end score was 17-1. we would like to thank Mr. Wallace, Ttandi and the parents who kindly came to support us in the scorching hot weather!


                                   By Skye and Charlotte.