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KSJ Chinese Visitors

On Thursday 5th and Friday 6th July, children and teachers from Katherine Semar’s Chinese partner school arrived to work with our children in a range of crafts, art, sports, drama and music.
Hailing from Miduqiao Primary School, Changzhou, the pupils are spending 10 days in England, visiting both their partner school, Katherine Semar and Eton College, Windsor.
“The children of Katherine Semar have been learning Mandarin alongside their French this year, so it was a real pleasure to put our language skills to the test.” Said Mr. Hull, Deputy Headteacher. 
The children played cooperative games together, took part in music and art activities as well as watching the Year 6 production of Darwin Rocks.
The link between the two school is very strong, with this being the third year of Katherine Semar visiting China and Miduqiao School visiting England and although the distance between the school is far, the schools have the same aim, which is to bring up our children as global citizens.

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