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KSI OSA Assembly

On Tuesday 25th November, at our Out of School Achievement Assembly we enjoyed hearing about all the exciting things our children have been doing out of school. 


Children shared their achievements in activities such as karate, trampolining, swimming, gymnastics and football. 


We heard how one of our children had raised money for an endangered animal and how a new child’s achievement was moving house and joining a new school. 


Children told us about clubs such as Beavers and Rainbows and how they made promises that were similar to our core values and how they worked towards special awards and how they were awarded special  badges. 


We were then shown a beautiful home made lantern that had been made for a community event - the lantern parade last Sunday.  Lots of our children enjoyed this event. 


Our children have been busy!  Thank you to our friends and family who attended the assembly and who support our children in all these exciting activities. 

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