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Kingswood Residential - Day 1

The Year 4 residential visit to Kingswood has begun. The children travelled in an uneventful journey on Wednesday morning, 7th May, arriving just before lunch. Due to the rain, the picnic lunches were consumed indoors, with the children settling into their dorms soon after.


Watching the children making their beds by put duvet covers on their duvets proved tricky for some, but others were amazingly able once shown how. Mr Mercer's optional ghost noises went down well while he was demonstrating with the duvet somehow over his head!


The rain cleared and the children got time on the field to burn off energy before taking a forest walk, reaching the highest point in Norfolk. Once back at the centre, the children took part in Aeroball, low ropes and played ball games.


Dinner was Italian. Pasta, Lasagne and plenty of bread, fruit and ice cream. 


This evening the children have more activities planned and should be turning in for the night by 9pm. All are well and thrilled about being away.


Please enjoy the photos.