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Katherine Semar Win all Six Netball Competitions!

On Friday 11th March 2011, the children from Year 5 and 6, who wished to play, entered a netball tournament at the Saffron Walden County High School (SWCHS). In all, 85 children took part, forming 12 teams.

The tournament was run as 6 separate competitions, with two of our teams entering each group. RA Butler bought 8 teams of their best players, St. Thomas More and Radwinter bought 4 teams each.

Naturally, we had spread our strongest players amongst the teams to try to win as many groups as possible. In the top groups (groups 1 and 2) we needed to ensure there was enough strength to win those groups too.

The teachers were very impressed, and the children were delighted when we won every group! Here are the known results. More will be added as the teachers report back.

Group 1 Winners: Katherine Semar
Results for team 1
KSJ v RAB - Katherine Semar won 8:0
KSJ v St. Thomas More - Katherine Semar won 4:0
KSJ v Rabwinter - Katherine Semar won 7:0

Group 2 Winners: Katherine Semar
Runners up: Katherine Semar

Group 3 Winners: Katherine Semar

Group 4 Winners: Katherine Semar

Group 5 Winners: Katherine Semar

Group 6 Winners: Katherine Semar

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