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Katherine Semar Quiz General Knowledge Quiz.

Picture 1

You may be here because you're looking for the information to where Mr Hull has hidden secret information about quiz questions.

You're in the right place...


However, things are never this simple. The clue has been hidden inside the picture above. You'll have to search the PROPERTIES of the picture very carefully to find it and even then look at the DETAILS! It'll SAVE you time! (With the RIGHT CLICK.)


When you have read the clue and know where to search, please do not share with anyone. Go to the location with a pen and paper, you copy down the clues. Then sign your name on the clue paper to let Mr Hull know you've found it.


REMEMBER: Stealth is essential when searching for the clue. Use the big, brown wooden object so that no one can see what you're doing!


Good luck and happy hunting.


Mr Hull.