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Katherine Semar football results

KSJ A and B beat RA Butler at football

On Wednesday 28th September, Katherine Semar Juniors A and B team travelled to RA Butler to play in 2 league football matches.

First, we had kick off and a fantastic pass back from Corey H to Mitosz B witch provided Mitosz to pass to John then John B had a great pass to Harry S who had a shot which only just  skimmed the post.

Now it was a goal kick which reached to RA butler that provided them with an amazing goal. we then took kick off and the movement was great but RAB intercepted which  went off for a corner. Anton took the corner as Corey got great flick witch gave Harry S a great left footed volley which lobbed the keeper and went in!

Now the score was 1all .RAB took kick off then we easily intercepted  the ball and came off of one of the RAB players it was now a throw on to us. John had a great throw into the box which gave Corey a great header onto the crossbar and in! it was now 2-1.
RAB took  kick off but john intercepted rapidly which provided him with a quick bottom corner goal! we were now wining by 2 goals and the score was 3-1.after john's goal the halftime was called. the second half began and RAB took kick off.

RAB got a good start and they won there selves a corner it was a very good corner as, they got a goal that slipped out of Jack's hands unfortunately moving the score up to 3-2. We had kick off again and we had some great movement down the line by Corey and harry and which provided harry to have another great shot hitting the crossbar going over and out for a goal kick. The goal kick was poor and in the direction of Anton having a great touch he shot from the half way line and lobbing the keeping moving the score to 4-2. the game ended with the full time whistle   and let us leave all winners!

. we would like to thank Mr. Haralambous for coaching us and Mr. Wallace for arranging the match!

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On Wednesday 28 September KSJ B team travelled to R.A.Butler to play in a football game R A B took kick off we started poorly and George hand balled it from  a corner when Max, our keeper spilt it and George caught it and immediately threw it away. Max kept us in the game by making a spectacular save under pressure from a penalty. The game droned on for ages with endless throw ins and corners till half time was called. The score at half time was a disappointing 0-0 . The second half began with an amazing 2 minute goal by Callum. The score was now 1-0 to KSJ. Ten minutes later