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Katherine Semar 15, RA Butler 4

On Wednesday the 28th of January 2015 Katherine Semar netball team participated in a friendly yet competitive netball match against R.A.B. Fortunately we won the coin toss allowing us to take the, first  centre pass.


A swift pass from Elissa was a sure sign as Holly scored the first goal. We progressed through the 1st quarter scoring more successful goals but made a few fatal slip ups letting R.A.B shoot and score.


The pressure was on as we were neck and neck but thankfully a great shot from Holly Whyte allowed us to win the first quarter. Through the remaining  quarters our footwork was tight our movement was clean and our goals were on target, as the final quarter took place, strong passes from the team members led to more  goals from Alfie and Martha letting KSJS netball team win 15-4.We would like to congratulate all the talented team members who took part in the match: Megan, Ella, Alfie, Elissa, Jodie, Martha and Holly W.We’d like to thank Mr. Hull and Mr. Snelling for supporting and training us and R. A. B for being an excellent opposition.