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Interview with Mrs. C. Graham

Mrs. Graham joined KSJ in 2008. She is a Literacy specialist and has made an immediate impact on the way Literacy is taught in school. She currently works in Year 5 with Mr. Johnson. She was interviewed by some Year 6 students.


Q. What is your favourite book and why?

 A. My favourite book is “Danny the champion of the world” because of the father and son’s relationship.

 Q. Roald Dahl wrote that book - is he your favourite author and if so why?

 A. Yes because of the madness and weirdness of the plot.

 Q. Do you like any other authors and if so who are they?

 A. Yes, I like J.K.Rowling and Maeve Binchy, but I am going off her because she missed out a comma.

 Q. Who is in your family?

 A. Me, my husband and my 3-½ year old dog, Georgie.

 Q. What other dogs do you like?

 A. I like them now but when I was a child I ran out in front of a bus so I didn’t have to walk next to one. But I grew to like them.

 Q. What are your hobbies?

 A. Walking on beaches relaxing and watching football.

Q. What where your feelings about getting a job at KSJ?

A. Excited, and when I visited I got good reports from the pupils.

Q. What other jobs have you done?

A. I was an airhostess in Dubai and I have worked in investment companies.   

 Q. You lived in Dubai have you lived anywhere else and where?

A. Yes I’ve lived in Sheffield, university in Leeds, then the three years in Dubai, Spain, Baku in Azerbaijan, Malta, Marske in North Yorkshire and Bambers Green in Herts.

Q. What are your greatest achievements and do you think they should be in a book of records?

A. Made and kept friends from all over the world and drunk two litres of water in six hours. (Is drinking 2 litres in 6 hours hard? - Mr. Hull)

Q. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

A. I was watching Cardiff .v. Middlesbrough and I fell off my chair as the players were coming out of the tunnel when I was right next to it.

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

 A. Walking on a beach in the Caribbean every day but, if not, still teaching here.

 By Tom M. and Jonathan B.