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International Day - 2009

On Friday 26th June 2009 KSJ celebrated International Day. Our school is made up of children of many nationalities and our diversity was celebrated through a whole day of activities and an assembly.

Year 3 focused on China, making Chinese dragons in class.
Year 4 studied India, creating sunset pictures of the Taj Mahal, made naan bread and Tie died.
Year 5 created Greek Salads and Olympic medals when looking at Greece.
Year 6 looked at New Zealand, creating fact files and Maori Masks.

During the assembly, each year group took to the stage to perform.
Year 3 and 4 children sang songs in French. Year 5 children informed us about the nationalities represented in our school, a list which includes: Thailand, Vietnam, Poland, India, Turkey, Latvia, South Africa, Finland and France. Year 6 children performed the Haka (A traditional dance form of the Maori people in New Zealand.)

Please enjoy the photos below.


Mael's hat


Naan bread production


Indian silhouettes using Indian inks


Tie dying