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Hot and Bothered!

Children in Year 3 have been learning how to keep their cool when it comes to fire safety.


On Tuesday 15th March, Year 3 were very excited to welcome 2 professional firemen to the school - and that was just the teachers!


The local firemen came to visit to explain to the enthusiastic children about the importance of ensuring household fire alarms are checked once a week and, if necessary, updated. Having demonstrated how much we knew about our school fire plan, we were also quizzed about what actions we should take in a house fire and watched a fun and informative video explain in more detail. We also watched a dramatic reconstruction of what could happen when emergency services are called out to hoax calls. We were all shocked and promised never to make hoax calls.


In the event of an uncontrollable fire, the fire service need to wear special, protective clothing and use specialised equipment to ensure their safety. These were demonstrated to us.


We had a lovely afternoon and have since designed fire safety posters.

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