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Home Learning for 3.4.2020

Picture 1 Alice's bridge
Picture 2 Alice's bridge being tested
Picture 3 Grace and her Rice Krispie cakes
Picture 4 Grace's English Work - How to make Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes
Picture 1 Abigail and her ‘Make a wish’ jar
Picture 2 Milo and Finley
Picture 3 Milo and Finley doing Joe Wicks workout
Picture 4 The dog wanted to join in too! Once he had got over the shock of Milo being dressed as a minion!
Picture 1 Georgia's ten things to make school great
Picture 2 Fred's poem of hopes for the world
Picture 1 Enzo helping around the house
Picture 2 Louis reading quietly
Picture 3 Today's workout!
Picture 4 Bethan and Ellen doing Joe Wickes workout
Picture 5 More garden art
Picture 6 Garden art
Picture 7 The finished garden art
Picture 8 Ellen's english work today
Picture 9 Ellen and Bethan
Picture 1 Elizabeth surrounded by notes of all the things that are important for a great school!
Picture 2 Aashiv's two minutes challenge and English (jam sandwich)
Picture 3 Today Bella played a board game
Picture 4 Bella - Year 2
Picture 5 Grace's NHS poster
Picture 6 Grace's house during lockdown!
Picture 7 Grace's ideal school
Picture 8 Thea's maths
Picture 1 Georgia’s fancy dress Friday costume
Picture 2 Daisy Y3 did some painting today
Picture 3 Grace working out sums that add up to 24
Picture 4 Grace learning French colours
Picture 5 Thea's English (Year 3)
Picture 6 Holly Year 5 with her artwork
Picture 7 Mia year 5!
Picture 8 Harry Year 3!
Picture 9 Coby completed his patterns
Picture 10 Cole completed his english work
Picture 11 Isaac's lighthouse story part 1
Picture 12 Isaac's lighthouse story part 2
Picture 13 Fancy dress Friday with Joe Wicks
Picture 14 Harry Potter and Ghekko - aka Cole and Coby ready and waiting for Joe Wicks PE lesson!
Picture 15 Grace's Maths - She tried really hard!
Picture 16 Grace's fact file on what the Romans did for us
Picture 17 Friday PE with Joe Wicks - all tuned in - Julia from Arctic Wolf and Lucjan from Orangutans plus Leon and mum and dad. Danny dog preferred to watch!
Picture 18 Where’s The Teacher! Thea found hers straight away
Picture 19 Orla's homemade fossils - But too much coffee we think!
Picture 1 Art work time
Picture 2 Doing Joe Wicks workout
Picture 3 Fancy dress Friday!
Picture 4 Jessie and Lucy doing Joe Wicks workout on Friday
Picture 5 Bailey doing Joe Wicks workout in his onesie
Picture 6 Elizabeth dressed as a unicorn doing Joe Wicks PE
Picture 7 Mrs Savill did Joe Wickes’ PE in a fancy dress
Picture 8 Hollie, Artic Wolves, making pasta
Picture 1 Poppy (Year 2) - Making a Diamond for Mummy
Picture 2 Roxy - Her thoughts on mum teaching her again......
Picture 3 Roxy - Worked with my teacher Mum 😂
Picture 4 Roxy - What’s magnetic and what’s not, she loved doing this!
Picture 5 Roxy - Thank you for her birthday shout out!! She was sooooo chuffed
Picture 6 Noah's 3D object
Picture 7 Connie making Spaghetti Bolognese
Picture 8 Connie making Spaghetti Bolognese for tea
Picture 9 Phoebe, year 6, with her salt dough fossil
Picture 10 Phoebe's fossil