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Home Learning for 13.5.20

Picture 1 Jacob doing his various plant work for English and for Science
Picture 2 Jacob
Picture 3 Milo was chuffed with his suspense story for English
Picture 4 Milo doing his maths
Picture 5 Archie's work
Picture 6 Archie
Picture 7 Archie's work
Picture 8 Archie Year 5
Picture 9 Siena doing her art project yesterday
Picture 10 Jake with his Science work
Picture 11 Emily (Orangutan) with her science work
Picture 12 Daisy (Dolphin) and her card to Granny in Little Red Riding Hood
Picture 1 Antoni N Red Squirrels
Picture 2 Zara (Lynx) Mandela picture hand drawing
Picture 3 Zara
Picture 4 Maddie B's story - Jaguar
Picture 5 Maddie's story page 2
Picture 6 Maddie's story page 3
Picture 1 Gabriel made a birdbath. As soon as we came in,the birds soon came for a drink
Picture 2 Zara
Picture 3 Zara (Lynx) Science fiction story - Rebecca robot
Picture 4 Zara
Picture 5 Zara
Picture 6 Zara
Picture 7 Zara
Picture 8 Zara
Picture 9 Zara
Picture 10 Zara (Lynx) Jabberwocky
Picture 11 Georgia enjoyed measuring the growth of her sunflowers this week
Picture 12 Bella loved making her plants as food poster for science
Picture 13 Oliver P (Leopards) enjoyed creating branching databases in science
Picture 14 Oliver P (Leopards)
Picture 15 Lacie's (Orangutans) science poster
Picture 1 Ethan year 2 playing chess
Picture 2 Faith with her art colouring
Picture 3 Edward B - tumbleweed game
Picture 4 Another Banana Bread made! Harry had fun helping Mia!
Picture 5 Lulu's work
Picture 6 Lulu's work page 2
Picture 7 Lulu's work page 3
Picture 8 Lulu's work page 4
Picture 9 Lulu
Picture 10 Lulu (Polar Bears)
Picture 11 Ava has been writing her very own unpublished novel .. and has added all the elements wanted in her English lessons . This Is a suspense part of her writing
Picture 12 Ava (Orangutans) page 2
Picture 13 Elizabeth loved her 2 shout outs in science today - thank you!.
Picture 14 Elizabeth
Picture 15 Elizabeth doing today's science
Picture 1 Charlie
Picture 2 Charlie
Picture 3 Charlie
Picture 4 Charlie from Elephants completing his independent maths work
Picture 5 Naomi's English
Picture 6 Nam Y4 Elephants - science task, animals in their environment
Picture 7 Matilda’s Turtledog for Science (Okapi)
Picture 8 Jasper raided the fridge for science but Peanut thought he was having a tasty snack!
Picture 9 Jasper helping Peanut understand block graphs
Picture 10 Jasper doing his English with Peanut's help
Picture 11 Theo H - Jaguar, science observations
Picture 12 Rosie doing work on her animal for science
Picture 1 Thomas Okapi class
Picture 2 Thomas' Mezuah
Picture 3 Thomas enjoyed making the Mezuah (Okapi)
Picture 1 Florence W's science
Picture 2 Florence W and Bunny singing along to the Keelie song
Picture 3 Olivia's work - Polar bears
Picture 4 Olivia's work - Polar bears
Picture 5 Olivia's work - Polar bears
Picture 6 Grace - Flame Robins English work
Picture 7 Grace - Flame Robins English work
Picture 8 Antoni with his work
Picture 9 Antoni feels a lot better
Picture 1 Courtney's descriptive writing
Picture 2 Courtney (Flame Robin) 'I want to paint' poem
Picture 3 Alexander E (Grey Falcons) looking at leaves for science lesson
Picture 4 Mia enjoying her science lesson
Picture 5 Orla
Picture 6 Orla's work
Picture 7 Orla's work
Picture 8 Orla's work
Picture 9 Orla H - Lynx
Picture 10 Thea and Orla
Picture 11 Thea's work
Picture 12 Thea's work
Picture 13 Thea
Picture 14 Thea's work
Picture 15 Thea's work
Picture 16 Thea's work
Picture 17 Thea H - Grey Falcon
Picture 18 Arthur R did some fruit and veg sorting this afternoon
Picture 1 Luke’s made up creature for Science today (Elephants)
Picture 2 Courtney's Malificent descriptive writing
Picture 3 Courtney's alliterate animal poem
Picture 4 Courtney, flame robin, bunny writing
Picture 5 Courtney
Picture 6 Courtney's Beowulf paragraphs
Picture 7 Beowulf text changing
Picture 8 Marnie making her own animal for science homework today (Okapi)
Picture 9 After working hard at their school work, Ozzy (Okapi) and Leo (Skylarks) Brooks enjoyed a long bike ride
Picture 1 Fran enjoying the Maths challenge measuring the garden, before moving onto the next job, mowing the lawn!
Picture 2 Naomi doing her spelling sentences
Picture 3 Ollie W - yr 2 - Arctic Wolves enjoying his science activity
Picture 4 Martha
Picture 5 Martha H - Arctic Wolves
Picture 6 Freya working through her school work with Bunny
Picture 7 Freya working hard
Picture 8 Freya
Picture 9 Freya
Picture 10 Minus a front tooth!
Picture 11 Mia, Year 5, Working hard on her Maths and English
Picture 12 Harry working hard on his Maths and English
Picture 1 Martha H - Arctic Wolves
Picture 2 Martha
Picture 3 Martha
Picture 1 Grace's leaf experiment
Picture 2 Zack's weather diary and blossom tree
Picture 3 Zack's new vehicle for Mrs Armitage
Picture 4 Zack (Skylark) Tuesday Musical journey
Picture 5 Grace's Science Work
Picture 6 Grace's Science Work - Flame Robins
Picture 7 Zack (Skylark) finally on two wheels
Picture 8 Francesca (Red Squirrels) has been practising her halves and quarters doing her topic work
Picture 9 Zack's letter to Amber
Picture 10 Zack's drawing
Picture 11 Zack's (Skylark) letter to Amber
Picture 12 Emma’s safari foot print picture
Picture 13 Emma's maths work
Picture 14 Emma making lunch
Picture 15 Zack's flower
Picture 16 Zack's spellings
Picture 17 Zara (Lynx) Courtney (Flame Robin) and Zack (Skylark) had fun doing a rocket experiment!
Picture 18 Placing celery in water, which has red food colouring added
Picture 19 Freya’s celery experiment
Picture 20 Freya’s celery experiment for science
Picture 21 Freya
Picture 1 Gabriel's english and maths
Picture 2 Noah's work
Picture 3 Noah working hard
Picture 4 Gabriel showing one of his HUNDREDS of teddies for Miss Andrews!
Picture 5 Kai's (Elephants) Chicken and chicks hand and finger painting
Picture 6 Kai made his own devil sticks!
Picture 1 James and Hobbes are ready for Mr Warwick’s PE lesson
Picture 2 Cameron M’s picture of an electric sea monster for Science
Picture 3 Eleanor T using halves and quarters to share out some tasty treats!!
Picture 4 Henry - Science- year 3 Flame Robin- leaf experiment
Picture 5 Henry
Picture 6 Henry's work
Picture 7 Henry's leaf experiment
Picture 8 Lexi - We have been planting vegetable seeds and watching them grow
Picture 9 Daisy - We have spring onions, carrots and radishes
Picture 10 Petra (Skylarks) Story Mountain
Picture 11 Bailey enjoying Mr Warwicks PE lesson
Picture 12 Bailey
Picture 1 Sophie (Orangutans)
Picture 2 Sophie's maraca
Picture 3 Sophie's work
Picture 4 Sophie’s watercolour painting of Penstemon ‘Hidcote Pink’ flowers with faded pink petals
Picture 5 Safia year 1
Picture 6 Noah T - Science and leaves
Picture 7 Leo T - Phonics
Picture 8 Hannah (Okapi) coming back from a run
Picture 9 Leo T - Plants
Picture 1 Yr2 - Science in the field - identifying trees and plants in the forest
Picture 2 Petra (Skylarks) Maths exercise
Picture 3 Fred and Seb working together over FaceTime for maths today
Picture 4 Lienna's work
Picture 5 Lienna
Picture 6 Lienna - Red Squirrels
Picture 7 Griffin focussed on his lessons
Picture 8 Phonics snakes and ladders (Oscar won 5 times in a row!)
Picture 9 Petra (Skylarks) Science
Picture 10 Elliott enjoying Karate Cats
Picture 11 Abigail and Georgia taking part in Mr Warwick’s live PE session
Picture 12 Abigail and Georgia
Picture 13 Ava’s Maths problem
Picture 14 Ava’s spellings
Picture 15 Ava loving Karate Cat and doing the whole programme!
Picture 1 Evie from Skylarks having great fun making Mrs Armitage's flying car
Picture 2 Evie making the flying car
Picture 3 Evie's car
Picture 4 Theo (Skylarks) - we got slightly obsessed with Karate Cats - Theo got his black belt, such a good game
Picture 5 Petra (Skylarks) free reading
Picture 6 Francesca (Red Squirrels) and her story mountain
Picture 1 Jacob G (Skylarks) vegetable growing
Picture 2 Daniel reading Heroes of Olympus - The Lost Hero
Picture 3 After watching the Steve Reich vid, Edith (Flame Robins) and Hazel (Red Squirrels) fancied making their own piece of minimalist music
Picture 4 They recorded various things they found around the house including a money box, a stapler, some keys and other bits and pieces
Picture 5
Picture 6 Edith & Hazel
Picture 7 Fayth B - Jaguars - Making a Cow parsley hooter
Picture 8 Fayth's work
Picture 9 Fayth's work
Picture 10 Fayth's work
Picture 11 Fayth's work
Picture 12 Roxy loved Mr Mercer’s Fraction video on Monday, really helped her
Picture 13 Roxy's maths
Picture 14 Roxy