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Home Learning for 8.6.20

Emma doing maths
 Emma (Elephants) making breakfast
Emma (Elephants) cookie baking
Theodore M doing upside down reading! (Polar Bear)
 Henry M doing his phonics lesson this morning (Turtles)
Tommy W (Jaguars)
Tommy W (Jaguars)
Tommy W (Jaguars)
Jessica's work
Jessica's work
Jessica's postcard from the moon (Polar Bears)
Jessica's postcard from the moon (Polar Bears)
Aashiv's work
Aashiv (Grey Falcon)
Aashiv's maths homework and creative ( Grey Falcon)
 Emma's Picasso drawing
Naomi's fun day (Polar Bear)
Naomi's fun day (Polar Bear)
Naomi's fun day (Polar Bear)
Naomi's fun day (Polar Bear)
Lola H (Arctic Wolf) postcard from the moon
Joshua H (Okapi) art take on Picasso
Aaron's postcard from the moon
Aaron's postcard from the moon!
 Aaron's Salvador Dali inspired self portrait (Polar Bear)
Martha’s postcard from the Moon
Martha’s postcard from the Moon (Arctic Wolf)
Nam Elephants Y4 - (tasty) scones baked for independent play activity
 Abigail’s football shirt design (Okapi)
 Abigail’s football shirt design (Okapi)
Abigail’s Picasso Portrait (Okapi)
Georgia W’s Iron Man (Flame Robin)
Georgia W’s ‘Wanted’ poster (Flame Robin)
Georgia W’s Night Stalker advert (Flame Robin)
Martha wanted to do a different take on her Salvador Dali artwork. It’s a photo and pasta.. mad!
Lucy's world map in words. She is very proud of herself, she did great! (Red Squirrel)
Lucy's work (Red Squirrel)
Lucy's work (Red Squirrel)
Martha with her “Man on the Moon” postcard (Arctic Wolf)
Martha doing some maths (Arctic Wolves)
Emily completed her Chilli Challenge, all correct! (Orangutans)
Olivia (Polar Bears)
Olivia (Polar Bears)
Olivia (Polar Bears)
Poppy - Polar Bears - English
Poppy - Polar Bears - English
 Elliott’s postcard to Jake from the moon (Arctic Wolves)
Noah’s completed Picasso style picture (Elephants)
Ethan, Year 2, postcard from the moon
Edith (Flame Robins) and Hazel (Red Squirrels) doing Maths
Noah drawing ‘The Iron Man’ (Flame Robin)
Charlie's Picasso inspired art, completed maths worksheets and his spellings and grammar work!! (Elephants)
Charlie (Elephants)
Charlie (Elephants)
Leo (Polar Bears) with his Salvador Dali inspired self portrait
Noah doing his pictograms for maths
Noah with his holiday poster (Flame Robin)
Noah with his car advert (Flame Robin)
Freya's finished postcard
Freya writing about a trip to the moon
Freya working on her spellings
Freya’s portrait with a moustache (Polar Bear)
Leo T with his alphabet countries
Enzo (Polar Bears) worked really hard on his postcard from space which he sent to his friend Arthur!
Enzo's postcard
Enzo's postcard
Theo L - Skylarks designing flags and practicing the ay sound
Matilda’s Picasso inspired picture (Okapi)
Miya Y - Elephants
Frankie's (Flame Robins) Creative
Frankie's (Flame Robins) English
Frankie's (Flame Robins) Maths
Today's Creative Artwork from future artist 'Franksy' (Jaguar)
Rosie R (Elephants class) - Spellings
After lots and lots of hard work and perseverance, Gabriel finished all the difficult maths questions and got 10 out of 10! I think his brain hurt afterwards! (Arctic Wolf)
 Luke’s poster for the Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling work today! (Elephants)
Aashiv was making a picture which was a magazine about a burger for English (Grey Falcon)
Justin's work (Orangutan)
Justin's work (Orangutan)
Justin's work (Orangutan)
Justin's work (Orangutan)
Gabriel’s written postcard
Gabriel’s postcard to Nettles the dog
Cameron's Picasso (Elephants)
Brett B, Jaguar Class
Eddies maths today (Grey Falcon)
 Ethan G (year 2) working on his multiplication 3's, 4's and 8's
Poppy - Polar Bears - Maths
Poppy - Polar Bears - Maths
Emily's mandala (Orangutan)
Oscar (Red Squirrels) with his English
Andrew R (Flame Robin)
Daisy (Dolphin) working at home this week
Bailey with his Picasso drawing
Bailey (Okapi) doing his Picasso drawing
Harry M from Skylarks writing his 2 x tables
Rosie R - Drawing in the style of Picasso (Elephants)
Will N - Puma Class
Louise doing English work - advert for her cake maker (Grey Falcon)
Rosie G - year 5