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Home Learning for 7.5.20

Amber with her maths sheet which she completed independently
Amber with her home learning award for independent work in maths
Nathan's description of what his car looks like and instructions on how he made it
Nathan with his car he made in Topic today
Nathan C's spelling test
Ela practising hand writing
Sophie created a board game for her ‘independent activity’ (Orangutan)
Emma's bunting
Emma’s home made bunting
Fayth B (Jaguars) enjoyed her geography work today
Fayth B (Jaguars) loves Maths
Antoni with his work
Antoni working hard
Antoni with his vehicle
Libby with her picture of a Anglo Saxon house completed independently
 Libby with her last piece of Beowulf homework
Libby with her highest score in maths
Libby with a home learning award for personal best in maths
Amber with her model car
Jan, Year 4 Okapi - Quest story
Jan, Year 4 Okapi - Quest story page 2
Making a big VE Day poster
Archie's maths (Year 5)
Lacie's (Orangutans) art work
Lacie's wreaths for VE Day
Ava's vehicle (Red Squirrels)
Ava with her vehicle
Ava's work
Leon's handwriting
More of Leon's handwriting
Leon's English
Leon working hard
 Logan's work page 2
Logan's Twisted Tale, class Polar bear
Nam Y4 Elephant class
Siena busy painting
Siena's work
Siena, Year 3
Siena Year 3
Dexter’s 4 wheeled vehicle
Filip having fun outside
Filip working hard
Ffion doing some arrays and her letter to planet earth
Ffion while we were out on our daily walk
Ffion (Skylarks)
Khushi (year 6) made this NHS rainbow in her garden during lunchtime break
 Elizabeth O has worked so hard at English this week
Ellen has done some lovely handwriting work practicing parallel ascenders
Ellen (Flame Robins) worked really well on her maths this week and did really well on her stage 3 assessment
 George's rabbit from his biodiversity work yesterday
Lucy building
Lucy R's model dumper truck
As well as his school work, Ronnie also has his daily physio routines to stay focused on
Charlotte P (Year 5)
Hannah (Okapi) at her piano lesson with Mrs Simmons
William R's work from this afternoon (Year 5)
Grace helping make lunch for her independent activity yesterday
Josh & Jenson absolutely loved doing science today
Jenson & Josh absolutely loved doing science today
Julia G, Arctic Wolf, The Wolf and Red Riding Hood story
Julia's spellings
Julia's (Arctic Wolf) Story.
Georgia’s Beowulf innovation story part 2
Georgia’s Beowulf innovation plan
 Abigail and her quest story
More of Justin's work
Justin's work
Justin's work today
Theo writing step by step instructions
Theo making his car
Ethan & Maddie - walks in the countryside on adventures
Maddie and Ethan proudly holding up the VE bunting ready for tomorrow
Ethan displaying his picture made out of stones and leaves of a boat sailing on the grassy sea towards land
Grace with her work
Harry from Skylarks with his 4-wheeled vehicle
Harry from Skylarks 4-wheeled vehicle from Mrs Mercer's video
Kai B-R enjoying homeschooling in the sunshine!
Elizabeth learning about the Anglo-Saxons
Connie, yr 6, Lynx - had fun researching about vertebrates and making a poster about lions
Grace's picture of a Anglo Saxons house
Harry doing some fab work!
Mia doing some great work this morning!
Finished learning about Alfred the great
Rosie’s (elephants class) poem she wanted to share from a couple of weeks ago
Ayush's english work
Holly enjoying her Geography work (with some help from daddy who is a geography teacher!)
Freya Year 2
Freya working on tally charts (Year 2)
Ollie's science experiment
 Jasper is super proud of the twisted fairy-tale he wrote out this morning. Despite not really wanting to do it he persevered and wrote it all out!
Safia's model car
Alex made his own trolley today (Skylarks)
 Alex (Skylarks)
Alex working hard
Alex with his finished trolley
Amelia P of Elephants writing her quest story
Lola's english (Jaguars)
Lola preparing some bunting for VE Day
Bailey working hard on his English story
 Florence W's twisted tale part 2
Florence W's twisted tale part 1
Lucjan, Orangutans
Thea's work
Thea writing the oral text from Beowulf’s POV
Orla's work
Orla filling in her maths book- areas of shapes
 Olivia's work
Olivia’s Twisted Tale of The Wolf and The Three Mean Pigs
Lottie B Flame Robin
Daisy has discovered a joy of reading during lockdown, here she is burried by the 9 books she has read so far!
Elliott writing a description and instructions about the Lego vehicle he made
Joel P from Arctic Wolves writing his twisted traditional tale, ‘The One Troll Billy'
Rosie has her weekly Piano lesson by FaceTime
Pepe has planned his Beowulf story
Pepe (Grey Falcon) showing good progress with his interleaved maths practice
Rose W's work
Rose has also been doing really well with her Violin classes
Rose's artwork
Rose W
We did a recall of Gabriel’s 2 5 and 10 Xs tables and Gabriel got 30 out of 30
Julia G and her tomato plant from Thursday
Lucy with the start of her weather diary and her blossom tree from yesterday
Arthur R's twisted tale
When we went walking we talked about the trees and saw Horse Chestnut bud candles on the big trees like Mrs Savill's
Win loved the wonderful world task and we made up prays on our walk and she drew a fabulous picture after watching the Planet Earth video
Winnie worked really hard on the story map and character brainstorm for Mrs Armitage
Winnie has been working really hard on her maths and loves the maths games on espresso and white rose math
Katie R working on her quest story from today's home learning
Martha H (Arctic wolves) has enjoyed starting her fact file
Jed's work
Jed's VE Day work
Jed C from year 6 Puma
Kayra working hard
Kayra O on a walk
Eleanor using duplo cubes (we ate the chocolate buttons after yesterday's lesson!) to help visualise doubles
Summer's work
Summer's maths
Henry's English
Henry's Science
Henry's English Beowulf text variation
Henry's Romans work
Henry's maths
Henry has finished all the maths worksheets!
Henry's science experiment
Henry's runner bean growing
Henry (Year 3) making VE Day bunting
Henry W making models
Oscar's four wheeled 'vehicle' (Red Squirrels)
Alexander E (Grey Falcons) learning about Anglo Saxon houses
Emma learning about Alfred the Great
Noah T’s piano lesson
Lacie T doing TT Rockstars
Elliott laughing at phonics with Geraldine the giraffe ..she is a big hit in our house!!
Poppy also completed puzzles for her independent activity
Poppy M (Dolphins) completed her doubling for maths
Erin M (Jaguars Year 5) completing her map work for Geography
Edward O, Grey Falcons, working on his Grendel description
Elsie S's work Grey Falcons
Fred has been enjoying this week’s work on The Highwayman. Thank you Mr Aiken!
Summer (Turtles) rules of the woods
Summer (Turtles) Ladybird doubles
Jayesh was hard at work with his vertebrate science work (Lynx)
Ester and her brother camped out in the garden and toasted bread over the campfire
Emily made a pompom wreath for VE Day to go with the bunting
Charlie working hard
Charlie doing his Maths lesson
Oliver N – Leopards – doing times tables
Julia G, Arctic Wolf, getting ready for VE Day - using her brother Lucjan’s year 5 learning activity
Millie's VE Day bunting
Cameron and Erin
 Cameron and Erin working hard
Maja made some homemade salt crystals (Jaguars)
Maja made an amazing peacock
Maja planted some cherry tomatoes
Olivia H’s maths and topic work today
Alex doing some TT Rockstar work
Charlie's drawing is of his science activity looking at animals and their habitats
Harry’s blossom tree (Skylarks)
Theo from Skylarks - Seasons and Weather Writing
Gabriel’s hamster Hamish has had a poorly eye, but Gabriel was pleased this morning to find he is all better!
Theo from Skylarks completing a 3 mile cycle ride
Lana (Arctic Wolves- year 2) working hard- interpreting pictograms
Mia (Okapi- year 4) working hard- writing her quest story
Andrew R watched with envy at Mrs Archer's runner bean experiment! We were dismayed when we saw how much yours had grown, whereas ours did not show any sign of growth. We placed  all the pots outside and put one pot indoors (on the SW facing window).  Andrew diligently watered the pots every morning. Alas, there was no sign of life above the soil in any of the pots. We have decided this evening to move all the pots indoors and place it in Andrew’s bedroom (SW facing). We still have one pot outdoors which we will leave as the outdoor pot. We then checked the indoor pot (downstairs) again 15 mins ago and there was a small sprout - 4cm. Andrew was delighted!