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Home Learning for 5.5.20

Picture 1 Amelia making her garden pictures from things she collected outside. Our dog decided to inspect them too!
Picture 2 Amelia making her garden pictures
Picture 3 Amelia's garden pictures
Picture 1 Nancy's Mezuzah
Picture 2 Eddie concentrating on his English today
Picture 3 Jenson & Josh making jam and cornflake tart
Picture 4 Justin's been working hard today
Picture 5 Justin
Picture 6 Justin with his maths
Picture 7 Fred’s narrative of the King’s men swaggering in to the inn in The Highwayman poem
Picture 8 Ozzy (Okapi) & Leo (Skylarks) enjoying Mr Warwick’s football challenge
Picture 9 Ozzy (Okapi) & Leo (Skylarks) making a Mezuzah
Picture 10 Nancy writing her expanded noun phrases
Picture 11 Bella (polar bears) has been enjoying lots of PE activities in the garden
Picture 12 Bella (Polar Bears)
Picture 13 Bella (Polar Bears)
Picture 14 Roxy's English work today
Picture 15 Roxy added daisies to her drawing she’d done already this morning
Picture 16 Mathematics study with Tugra
Picture 17 Roxy making Grandpa practice her body percussion composition!!
Picture 18 Esme P
Picture 19 Esme working hard
Picture 20 Esme P's work
Picture 21 Ela making a Mezuzah
Picture 1 The KS1 class having fun with Miss Andrews!
Picture 2 Abigail and Georgia taking part in Mr Warwick’s football dribbling challeng
Picture 3 One of the King’s soldiers (aka Fred) just swaggered in and helped himself to the ale. How rude!
Picture 4 Ollie enjoying his music lesson - with an impromptu lesson on how to build the strongest wall - using Lego to build London Bridge
Picture 5 Alex (Leopards) working hard during lock down
Picture 6 Katie’s array work
Picture 7 Katie’s array work (Skylarks)
Picture 8 Katie’s array work (Skylarks)
Picture 9 Rosie made lunch (rainbow pots) for her and Elliott
Picture 10 Rosie
Picture 11 Dear Planet Earth from Katie (Skylarks)
Picture 12 Ela working hard
Picture 13 Ela's work
Picture 14 Ela working hard
Picture 1 Bailey with his finished Mezuzah
Picture 2 Evie doing her spellings this morning (Skylarks)
Picture 3 Edith joining in with Hazel. Scott Joplin was a big hit!
Picture 4 Hazel's work
Picture 5 Hazel enjoying listening to music and learning about Kandinsky
Picture 6 Elizabeth chatting to her Grandad about what he remembers about VE day
Picture 7 The wolf comes to a horrible end in Florence W's twisted tale!
Picture 8 Luke being taught by his big sister
Picture 9 Luke busy trying to work out his fractions this morning (Orangutans)
Picture 10 Orla's work
Picture 11 Orla's maths
Picture 12 Orla's work
Picture 13 Orla working hard
Picture 14 Oscar's home made drum
Picture 15 Grace's english
Picture 16 Abigail has made a Mezuzah today
Picture 17 Edward, Arctic Wolves, twisted tale action map
Picture 1 Ellen in Flame Robins won the picture the positive challenge that was set in last week's home learning! I've attached her picture so you can see her entry
Picture 2 Poppy Yr2 - Georgia O'Keeffe drawing painted
Picture 3 Eleanor's work on Mrs Armitage
Picture 4 Eleanor's work (Skylarks)
Picture 5 Eleanor's Mrs Armitage work
Picture 6 Eleanor's music work (Skylarks)
Picture 7 Petra (Skylarks)
Picture 8 Poppy's work
Picture 9 Alex's tree experiment
Picture 10 Alex and his tree experiment when we are trying to grow a branches borrowed from trees and planted on another one which is a different kind
Picture 11 Alex made his 100 high frequency words in to a game where he uses his 1-100 set of dices
Picture 12 Alex's handwriting
Picture 13 Alex (Skylark class)
Picture 14 Alex has been working hard!
Picture 15 More of Alex's work
Picture 16 Alex's work (Skylarks)
Picture 17 Lucjan, Orangutans, working on his mystery story
Picture 18 Julia G, Arctic Wolf, on her daily walk with brother Leon, the soldier (Julia a princess of course!)
Picture 19 Jacob's work
Picture 20 Jacob working hard this morning on his story map for his Twisted Traditional Tale
Picture 21 Mia and Harry had great fun making their bunting
Picture 22 Lottie - Flame Robins
Picture 23 Harry O's maths
Picture 24 Alexander making VE Day bunting
Picture 25 Charlie's English practice sentences and cliffhanger
Picture 26 Marnie with her work
Picture 27 Marnie from Okapi class
Picture 28 Georgia’s Body Percussion worksheet
Picture 29 Georgia practising her Body Percussion composition
Picture 30 Abigail worked hard on her English today
Picture 31 Martha’s text map of the first part of her version of the Gingerbread Man, written as the Fox narrating the story
Picture 32 Safia's work
Picture 33 Safia
Picture 1 Gabriel really using his brain to work out the tally chart puzzle in maths!
Picture 2 Charlie from Orangutans completing his maths work
Picture 3 Bailey designing his Mezuzah
Picture 1 Theo (Skylarks) making some pastries and his work on arrays
Picture 2 William is very happy he beat his highest score this morning!
Picture 3 Ava working on arrays
Picture 4 Ava's letter to the planet
Picture 5 Charlie doing his English work this morning!!
Picture 6 Mia trying so hard with her Maths this morning
Picture 7 Aashiv's maths work (Year 3)
Picture 8 Romany's drawing - she enjoyed drawing Sonic!
Picture 9 Rosie G
Picture 1 Jack and Tom working hard
Picture 2 Luke and his Mezuzah from today’s RE activity!
Picture 3 Gabriel reading About and Below to Nettles
Picture 4 Jasper worked super hard making his story map for his story the beanstalk and Jack!
Picture 5 Harry worked hard on his fractions this morning
Picture 6 Grace's handwriting
Picture 7 Millie & Kushi (FaceTime) doing Maths
Picture 8 Grace working hard at Maths!!
Picture 9 Thea's fraction work. She struggled to grasp the concept so we set her extra ones ! What meanies!!
Picture 10 Orla and her written piece for English. She redid it to add more of her own ideas
Picture 11 Amelia with her bunting in the window which she's made for VE Day
Picture 12 Rosie G
Picture 1 Erin's VE Day work for Art
Picture 2 Molly’s picture of what has been great about lockdown
Picture 3 Molly learning fractions with nail varnishes
Picture 4 Molly making a cat model in the garden
Picture 5 Molly learning fractions with chocolates
Picture 6 Molly
Picture 7 An ad-hoc science experiment, learning to test if an egg is still edible
Picture 8 Molly making unicorn cakes
Picture 9 Noah boxing up his English text
Picture 10 Molly reading to one of her cats
Picture 11 Molly banged the pot so hard for the Thursday night thank the hero clap that she broke the spoon in half
Picture 12 Molly having fun outside
Picture 13 Molly working hard
Picture 14 Harry practicing his recorder
Picture 15 Roxy doing her spelling test with Grandpa! She gets a pound every time she gets 10-10!! She got them all right this morning
Picture 16 Ellie having fun outside
Picture 17 Ellie with her cakes
Picture 18 Roxy's work
Picture 19 Roxy's English today
Picture 20 Roxy's evening walk with her brother to watch the sun set
Picture 21 Freddie's bunting for VE day
Picture 22 Enzo and Louis set up a “job bank” where they did jobs and earnt money to spend on treats for their movie night
Picture 23 Louis and Enzo's treats
Picture 24 Louis and Enzo enjoying their treats!
Picture 25 Noah doing his maths
Picture 26 Leo from Skylarks
Picture 27 Fayth with her mask
Picture 28 Fayth with more artwork
Picture 29 Fayth with her bridge
Picture 30 Fayth
Picture 31 Fayth working hard
Picture 32 Fayth has completed almost every piece of work set
Picture 33 Fayth
Picture 34 Fayth's finished artwork
Picture 35 Fayth
Picture 36 Fayth with a helper!
Picture 37 Louis made pasta and meatballs to drop to his grandparents
Picture 38 Louis used his knowledge of converting grams to kg in the recipe!
Picture 39 Cole
Picture 40 Cole - Orangutans
Picture 41 Martha’s close up drawing of a hanging clematis from our garden. She worked really hard on the detail!!
Picture 42 Zara, Courtney and Zack with their positive lockdown pictures
Picture 43 Zack
Picture 44 Courtney
Picture 45 Zara