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Home Learning for 4.5.20

 Francis very much enjoyed finding the cow parsley and making his hooter today
Holly's science was to make the rain gauge, Daisy wanted to make one too so we are going to compare rainfall in the front and back garden
Holly & Daisy's maths work
Jessica's work
Jessica's shoe shorting
Jessica's home learning from today. She really enjoyed sorting out our shoes for the maths activity and took the opportunity to try on all of my shoes!
 Amelia's pots of peas she has planted and growing with different variables for science
 Amelia's gardening
 We thought you might like to see how well Amelia's seeds are growing that she planted 3 weeks ago, before the science experiment was on the worksheet for home schooling
Gabriel says this is for Miss Andrews- his artwork
Jessica W measuring how long a colossal squid is - our tape measure ran out at 10m, so we had to imagine the remaining 2 metres! Jess was shocked how big it is!
Maja working hard
Ethan (Leopards) has kept busy with home learning and regular PE sessions over the past few weeks. Today he worked on his VE Day bunting
 Julia G, Arctic Wolf, working on her story today. She did brilliantly and wrote all her ideas down
Leo T describing Mrs Armitage
Georgia worked hard on boxing up the oral text today
Eleanor made a hot air balloon out of a paper plate, using a needle and thread to suspend the 'basket'
Gabriel’s maths- tally chart of shoes in the house
Aashiv's maths (Year 3)
Eve, Annabelle and Francesca all did the year 6 VE Day bunting craft today
Aashiv's VE Day bunting Year 3 (Grey Falcon)
Alex (year 5) with her VE Day bunting
Elliott’s painting inspired by Georgia O’Keefe (Year 2)
Eleanor's Kandinsky - music-inspired drawing
Gabriel chose a New Mexico picture by Georgia O’Keefe for his art
 Isabelle doing PE with Joe Wicks
Petra's maths
Petra's maths page 2
Petra's maths page 3
Petra's English
Petra's writing and spellings
Lyle working hard
Mrs Denyer’s VE bunting!
Oscar's favourite Star Wars character (spoiler for episode 9)
Rosie starting her VE Day Bunting
Mia working hard on her English!
Oscar's musical inspiration drawings
Charlie in Orangutans completing his English
Grace learning about VE Day with her Great Nan
Timmy G and his rainbow
Ava worked through the exercises on arrays and was happy to do an extension on her first set of times tables
Julia practising her Maths homework
Ronnie spelling out the seasons & the months of the year
Daisy very proud of her work!
Grace's research about VE Day and fact file from her Great Nanna Joan
Olivia and Nibbles
Olivia's fractions
Olivia's maths
Olivia's work
Olivia and Nibbles are happy to have completed today’s Maths and English activities
Oscar used Lego to complete his maths work
Oscar's maths
Oscar's english
Oscar has performed Mrs Armitage on Wheels to mummy and Olivia
Henry's work
Henry's (flame robin) English and maths
Charlie from Orangutans and Tom from Leopards working on their VE Day bunting
Tom's poem from his previous English task (Leopards)
Lucy sewing some bunting for VE Day
Katie’s description of Mrs Armitage
Justin with his work
More of Justin with his work
Josh wanted to do the control group as 'plants are living things and I don't want to kill it'. Jenson's chosen a smaller pot as his variable
Josh and Jenson loved the science learning about germination and doing the experiments
A lovely meal prepared by Mia,Harry and Noah at the weekend! Harry was a fantastic waiter!
Grace working hard on maths
Joshua's having a day off from work today to rest his broken fingers
Nailing the maths extension! Timmy G (Flame Robins)
Jake & Mollie walked 26 miles in 7 days, sponsored by the family raising money for the NHS
Alice’s science experiment
Alice’s science experiment
Theo from Skylarks playing teacher, doing his spellings and adjectives
Theo from Skylarks in a Power Rangers number bonds battle
 Maisie doing Mrs Archer’s experiment with cress
Daniel and his cut out mask
Alice’s bridge building project
Alice's bridge