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Home Learning for 31.3.2020

Picture 1 Works of art by Emily and Daisy
Picture 2 Ester reading in her garden den
Picture 3 Bella & Oliver enjoying music with Mrs Cass
Picture 4 Florence W's guitar
Picture 1 Millie's self portrait
Picture 2 Mia's maths work
Picture 3 Harry doing his Maths! Working out Roman numerals
Picture 4 Self portrait of Florence
Picture 5 Mia loved having a story with Mrs Hall today
Picture 6 Hannah reading in the bathtub!
Picture 7 Noah's rainbows for the NHS
Picture 8 Mia's work on the 5 Pillars of Islam
Picture 1 Hermione’s RE work (Year 5)
Picture 2 Grace's English work
Picture 3 Grace doing Mr Gikes' hanging the washing out challenge
Picture 4 Julia finding 3D objects at home
Picture 5 Faye writing about her spring picture
Picture 6 Faye playing a game with words
Picture 7 Faye from EY enjoying a long walk in the woods
Picture 8 Gabriel's art work (Year 2)
Picture 9 Fred's home learning - resilience, ingenuity and DT skills
Picture 10 Chloe, Jaguars, making colourful crystals
Picture 11 Noah - Polar Bears - Self portrait
Picture 12 Hollie’s Sophie the duck from Laugh Out Loud this morning
Picture 1 Katie - Skylarks - Proud of her maths
Picture 2 Evie's Easter egg
Picture 3 Isabel - newspaper report
Picture 4 Isabel planning her newspaper report
Picture 5 Bunker reading by Cameron
Picture 6 Ethan's self portrait - year 2
Picture 7 Ethan, Year 2, learning about suffixes
Picture 8 Ethan's rainbow
Picture 9 Mia- Okapi class - Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy
Picture 10 Lana - Arctic Wolf class
Picture 1 Griffin's manga drawing
Picture 2 Eric's self portrait
Picture 3 Eric's work on Saffron Walden
Picture 4 Noah - Elephant class
Picture 5 Leo's spelling
Picture 6 Noah's self portrait
Picture 7 Leo's self portrait
Picture 8 Alice - Orangutan - A snap from today's activity
Picture 9 Charlie's blossom tree
Picture 10 Harry's art lesson from Mrs Savill's YouTube video
Picture 11 Andrew making dinner rolls
Picture 12 Millie's self portrait