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Home Learning for 30.4.20

Hazel enjoying drawing the Mrs Armitage text map
 Timmy is getting better at netball and cycling while helping teach his sister to cycle too!
Charlie's rain gauge for his geography lesson
Roxy working hard on her fractions
Roxy working on her nouns and verbs, she’s also really happy with her pen work
Roxy enjoying her brothers 4th birthday celebration! With a family face time
Dexter's transport timeline including a flying hover-board for future travel.
Leo (polar bears) with his text map and spelling practice
Gabriel doing his 1st hoover job!
Emily's flower (Skylarks)
Sofia's flower (Skylarks)
Chloe busy in the kitchen
Chloe making Rice Krispie cakes
Mia's rainfall gauge
Home school with Dad going well!
Lucy’s alphabet scavenger hunt. ‘C’ is for ‘cat’!
Gabriel wanted to make a pond for the toads, so he made this out of a washing up bowl. He collected rain water and even dug the hole himself! Just waiting for the wildlife now
Daisy reading to her teddies for independent play
Dexter's wordsearc
Rosie wanted to share her maths work
Mollie with her work
Jake with his work.
Safia Year 1 Timeline
Millie O doing Maths
Ed O doing History
Rose's work 6
Rose's work 5
Rose's work 4
Rose's work 3
Rose's work 2
Rose's work
Grace enjoying History with her Teacher Mummy
Oliver's cooking 5
Oliver's cooking 4
Oliver's cooking 3
Oliver's cooking 2
Here are some of Oliver’s cooking for home learning
Martha’s text map of the Pea and the Princess
Winnie's speech bubble
Winnie's work 2
Winnie's flower diagram
 Winnie's spellings
Winnie's work
Winnie highlights her vocabulary to dig deeper into the words
Olivia's text map for The Pea and The Princess
Francesca enjoyed making a diagram of a flower
Grace's work
Florence W spent ages on her story map this morning!
Katie’s diagram of a flower - a rose with petals, stem, leaves and roots
Ava with her work
Nathan taking his daily exercise on his new bike
Nathan taking his daily exercise on his new bike and getting slowly used to the gears
Freya looking proud with the sunflower she has planted
Orla doing her English work the night it came in!
Bella is very proud that she can now tie her own shoelaces! What a great challenge
Arthur (and William!) completed the Y2 activity this morning
Ela working hard
Bella from Polar Bears and her story map about the Princess and the Pea
Jacob from Skylarks computer lesson
Thea learning about equivalent fractions
Rosie doing her history work about the Vikings this morning
Julia from Arctic Wolves has done her spelling without blinking!
Amber with her parts of a plant
Andrew’s science experiment
Amber colouring her May Day picture
Lara (Skylarks) enjoyed learning about plants
Libby using dictionaries to find out the meaning of words
Georgia’s plant experiment
Amber's Mrs Armitage on wheels activity
Abigail made lunch for herself and Georgia today, for her independent activity