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Home Learning for 30.3.2020

Picture 1 Petra with her Art work
Picture 2 Georgia's science experiment
Picture 3 Georgia's handwriting
Picture 4 Abigail’s PE session with Joe Wicks
Picture 5 Abigail's mobile
Picture 6 Annabelle made a mobile with outdoor objects
Picture 7 Fred with his Year 6 art task - a manga drawing
Picture 8 The Wilkies with their self portraits
Picture 9 Eddie Year 3
Picture 10 Nancy's mobile
Picture 11 Verity - Year 6 Manga art
Picture 12 Rosie - Year 5
Picture 13 Francesca enjoying Monday’s topic work
Picture 1 Adele, Turtle class, designed her Easter eggs
Picture 2 Maths work with Tugra
Picture 3 Elouise and her brother enjoying Mr Gilkes' throwing challenge
Picture 4 Esme's home learning
Picture 5 Esme doing PE
Picture 6 Esme's home learning
Picture 7 Alex, Year 5, did her blossom picture using cotton wool balls
Picture 8 Painting boiled eggs
Picture 9 Rose reading to a teddy!
Picture 10 Rose doing her Monday art lesson
Picture 11 Matilda - Okapi - with her nature mobile
Picture 12 Self portraits of Oliver C and his friend Logan
Picture 13 Oliver and Bella really enjoyed Mr Gilkes’ challenge today for PE
Picture 14 Bella doing PE today
Picture 15 Julia doing Maths and English today
Picture 16 Julia's spring walk
Picture 17 Julia - we have found some Forget-Me-Nots
Picture 18 Hollie, Arctic Wolves, creative challenge
Picture 19 Lucjan's spring blossom tree
Picture 1 Here's a picture of Aaron (Polar Bear)
Picture 2 Aaron created this beautiful rainbow mosaic out of clear sticky plastic
Picture 3 Jasper recreated himself!
Picture 4 Bailey's nature mobile
Picture 5 Enzo and his self portrait
Picture 6 Eleanor's art work
Picture 7 Eleanor really enjoyed Mrs Savill's art lesson
Picture 8 Grace's maths
Picture 9 Grace and her history of bread
Picture 10 Chloe with her blossom picture
Picture 11 Mia's blossom tree picture
Picture 12 Harry - Year 3 - Factfile on bread
Picture 13 Oliver and Bella’s home learning for art today
Picture 14 Oliver and Bella’s home learning for art today
Picture 15 Molly K's creative face
Picture 16 Martha's creative self portrait
Picture 17 Dexter's artwork from Mrs Savill's workshop
Picture 18 Florence's self portrait
Picture 1 Scarlett - Year 2 and her self-portrait
Picture 2 Rosie doing PE
Picture 3 Ollie
Picture 4 Ollie and Rosie homeschool
Picture 5 Lucy and Jessie doing their Monday work
Picture 6 Harry - Year 3 - researching bread
Picture 7 Mia - Creating her blossom tree
Picture 8 Ruby - Early Years - Spring writing activity
Picture 1 Gabriel - Year 2 - counting to 20 in french
Picture 2 Gabriel - Year 2 - reading to his dog, Nettles!
Picture 3 Molly’s poster for suffixes and her 20 word challenge
Picture 4 Olivia's topic work
Picture 5 Jasper doing some science experiments!
Picture 6 Seb made a 3D Covid 19 virus particle
Picture 1 Milo's bridge
Picture 2 Milo with his bridge
Picture 1 Emily's bridge
Picture 2 Emily's bridge (Orangutans)
Picture 3 Leo with his English home learning
Picture 4 Molly made her own Phonic cards like Mrs Dolby!
Picture 5 A Day in the Life of Farmer Duck by Nathan
Picture 6 Nancy on her broomstick
Picture 7 Frog's Life Journey by Nathan
Picture 8 Nathan's Exercise Class - No Rest!
Picture 9 Class Rules by Nathan
Picture 10 Exercise time with Nathan
Picture 11 Daily Timetable by Nathan