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Home Learning for 29.4.20

Picture 1 Charlie testing Gerald 2.0!!
Picture 2 Bella used her Lego to tell the story of the pea and the princess
Picture 3 Grace's nature picture
Picture 4 Leo's work
Picture 5 Leo’s parts of a plant creations
Picture 6 This is Hermione’s science work on adaptation
Picture 7 Hermione Year 5 English work
Picture 1 Nikola from Elephants branching database
Picture 2 Oscar is working very hard at home!
Picture 3 He has made equal groups using his soldiers
Picture 4 Oscar's work
Picture 5 Oscar
Picture 6 Harry's flower for Skylarks topic
Picture 7 Charlie from Orangutans completing his Science finally floats!
Picture 8 Olivia's home learning
Picture 9 Olivia's work
Picture 10 Olivia is working very hard at home. She likes listening to the story ‘The Legend of Podkin One-Ear’ on her IPad
Picture 11 Nikola worked hard on her maths today
Picture 1 Tilly's english
Picture 2 Tilly's science water bug experiment today
Picture 3 Tilly
Picture 4 Tilly's waterbug
Picture 5 Grace's english part 1
Picture 6
Picture 7 Fred’s description of an everyday thing and subsequent improvements
Picture 8 Harry loved catching up with his friends today!!
Picture 9 Where does my cat fit in - Hannah made a Branching Database!
Picture 1 Hollie's maths completed
Picture 2 Ava and her brother went on a walk around Newport today and we looked for all the lovely spring wild flowers. Ava learnt to read a map and navigated
Picture 3 Ava and her brother on a walk
Picture 4 Ava and her brother
Picture 5 Julia completing the shoelace challenge
Picture 6 Julia with her completed shoelace
Picture 7 Julia G, Arctic Wolf, working about her topic today
Picture 8 Lucjan, Orangutans, working on massive maths work today - he says he has enjoyed it!
Picture 9 Antoni working hard today
Picture 10 Petra
Picture 11 Petra's flower labelling
Picture 12 Petra's maths
Picture 13 More of Petra's maths
Picture 14 Petra's work (Skylarks)
Picture 15 Elliott with his plant & labels
Picture 1 Theo from Skylarks work on flowers including the Rafflesia, the world biggest and stinkiest flower
Picture 2 Oscar's plant model showing the important parts of the plant
Picture 3 Ronnie’s flower (Red squirrel)
Picture 4 Safia's flower (Year 1)
Picture 5 Noah’s fractions!
Picture 6 Noah’s plant experiment
Picture 7 Mia enjoying her science
Picture 8 Harry working hard with his fractions
Picture 1 Luke busy working with Mr. Weller completing his English
Picture 2 Grace enjoying science
Picture 3 Erin, Year 5 Jaguars, completing her big science experiment with Gerald today. Her face was a picture when it worked !
Picture 4 Erin
Picture 5 Florence wrote a wonderful letter from the Prince
Picture 6 Olivia has been learning to tie laces, with help from Max
Picture 7 Grace
Picture 8 Planting germinating potatoes
Picture 9 Ela with her work
Picture 10 An early break today!
Picture 11 Ela has been working hard
Picture 1 Holly & Daisy have been helping each other with ideas for their English work today
Picture 2 Holly and Daisy's Art challenge from Mr Aiken
Picture 3 Daisy has had a zoom guitar lesson with Mr Ketteridge; it's been a busy day!
Picture 4 Lucjan, Orangutans, enjoying maths
Picture 5 Lucjan, Orangutans, recommends this book and others by this author
Picture 6 Julia G, Arctic Wolf, followed Miss Andrews drawing tutorial on Monda
Picture 7 Henry doing times tables practice
Picture 8 Henry planting for Earth Day
Picture 9 Henry doing maths
Picture 10 Henry (Flame Robins) making models