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Home Learning for 28.4.20

Picture 1 Abigail enjoyed singing in music today
Picture 2 Georgia enjoyed music today
Picture 3 Ed in Year 3
Picture 4 Reuben's story (Year 6)
Picture 5 Thomas tying his shoe lace (wearing daddy’s shoe!)
Picture 1 Flo has made a poster about lockdown
Picture 2 McIntyre home learning
Picture 3 McIntyre home learning 2
Picture 4 McIntyre home learning 3
Picture 1 Nellie's positive experience artwork
Picture 2 Martha learning to tie her shoe laces!
Picture 3 Harry been doing his Gruffalo Map and labelling it. He also watched the school assembly today and was very happy to hear his name read out for his birthday....Thank you..
Picture 4 Emily completing her RE prayer mat
Picture 5 Harry concentrating hard...
Picture 6 Mia's Brother Noah, helping Mia understand her fractions!
Picture 1 Edith putting her oral test of Beowulf to music to help remember it
Picture 2 Grace's work
Picture 3 Jasper worked hard writing a letter for English this morning
Picture 1 Aaron's Art challenge - drawing a flower without taking your pen off the paper, then also without looking at the paper!!
Picture 2 Erin's Picture the Positive picture
Picture 3 Erin writing a suspense story
Picture 4 Erin's story
Picture 5 Ava with her warning for Mrs Armitage and her handwriting
Picture 6 Ava's work
Picture 1 Verity’s Art; #PictureThePositives
Picture 2 Emma has learnt to ride her bike this week
Picture 3 It has taken many years for her to master this but after all her hard work and determination she has cracked it!
Picture 4 Orla painting
Picture 5 Thea working hard
Picture 6 Thea's maths
Picture 7 Orla and Thea biking
Picture 8 Thea's greater depth maths
Picture 9 Orla did all her work by lunchtime so did some puzzling
Picture 10 Orla and Thea puzzling