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Home Learning for 27.4.20

Picture 1 Hermione Year 5 suspense writing
Picture 2 Picture The Positives ..Rosie aged 5 Dolphins..Playing Animal Crossing
Picture 3 Here is the speech bubble Elliott wrote to show what the lady in the picture might be saying!
Picture 4 Arthur's art work from today
Picture 1 Georgia with her positive lockdown picture
Picture 2 Abigail making music with her home made maracas
Picture 3 Petra's writing (Skylark class)
Picture 1 Harry from Skylarks writing work
Picture 2 Ollie takes on Miss Andrew's art challenge
Picture 3 Alex (Year 5) enjoyed making a magic rose today
Picture 4 Fred’s 800 word science fiction story
Picture 5 Fred’s 800 word science fiction story page 2
Picture 6 Safia's odd even poster Year 1
Picture 1 Grace's spelling test and definitions of words
Picture 2 Noah with his English
Picture 3 Lucjan, Orangutans, playing with brother Leon this weekend
Picture 4 Julia, Arctic Wolf class, with her drawing task
Picture 5 Lucjan, Orangutang, doing his home learning
Picture 6 Hollie doing Miss Andrews' drawing challenge
Picture 7 Grace's English work
Picture 8 Isaac's English
Picture 9 Harry and Mia
Picture 1 Gabriel’s blind drawing of a Bluebell for Miss Andrews
Picture 2 Gabriel managed today’s challenge of tying shoelaces by using the method of using two loops.
Picture 3 Sophie of orangutan class would like to share some of her photos
Picture 4 Sophie's bridge
Picture 5 Sophie's mask
Picture 6 Gabriel managed today’s challenge of tying shoelaces by using the method of using two loops
Picture 1 Here is Eleanor's reading and writing work for today
Picture 2 We know Mrs Savill's dogs help her with her school work. Here are Eleanor H's cats helping her with her work. The black cat is called Buddy and the ginger cat is Bailey
Picture 3 Mia worked so hard on her English this morning
Picture 4 Gabriel’s Art Challenge for Miss Andrews- Continuous Drawing of a Bluebell
Picture 5 Mia Year 5
Picture 6 Leo's writing
Picture 7 Over the weekend we downloaded numbots maths app for Hollie. She is racing up through the levels. Well done Hollie
Picture 8 Grace
Picture 9 Katie (Skylarks) writing task
Picture 10 Mia
Picture 11 Ethan Year 2 drawing flowers
Picture 12 Safia's writing work
Picture 13 Katie and Harry made Superhero cupcakes
Picture 14 Katie and Harry's Superhero cupcakes
Picture 15 Katie and Harry clapping for the NHS
Picture 1 Oscar (Red Squirrels) would like to share all the work he has been doing over the lock down
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