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Home Learning for 2.6.20

Thomas' completed maths (Okapi)
Thomas completing his English work (Okapi)
Milo's description of a familiar place
Milo's music work.
Milo (Orangutans) enjoyed designing his Google logo
Holly's game coding in Scratch
Holly's Google logo (Orangutans)
Abigail’s handwriting practise (Okapi)
Abigail and Georgia having fun making Harry Potter Top Trumps
Abigail and Georgia’s Top Trump cards
Emma (Elephants) having fun in the pool!
Emma doing her maths
Emma - Marshmallow melting
Emma - Pizza making
Daisy and her beach picture
Daisy and her persuasive writing. Writing to NASA as Tim Peake trying to convince them to let him go to space again
Daisy helping Daddy prepare his school for when the children return (Flame Robin)
Holly coding (Orangutans)
Holly and Daisy took part in the Young Voices Power In Me Thank You Teachers singalong
Naomi (Polar Bear)
Naomi (Polar Bear)
Tuğra - Polar Bears
Tuğra - Polar Bears
Tuğra - Polar Bears
Noah’s moon poem drawing
Poppy - Polar Bears - English
Katie made a leaflet about New York. She would like to visit! (Skylarks)
Katie's leaflet
Freya decided to do some yoga for her well being activity today (Flame Robin)
James and Lily making music today after watching Mrs Cass
Katie B at work! (Leopards)
Poppy M (Early years Dolphins) - Imaginary image from the window in progress
Poppy's completed picture
Erin M - English work
Erin M (Year 5 Jaguars) with completed music task
Olivia H
Olivia H (Polar Bears)
Olivia H (Polar Bears)
Rosie R really enjoyed describing the Tudor portrait (Elephants)
Elizabeth's creative task of creating a picture of a coast she has visited
Elizabeth doing her maths this morning (Grey Falcons)
 Leo G (Polar Bear) working on his picture from the poem ‘The Moon’
Leo G's picture from the poem ‘The Moon'
Aashiv's maths (Grey Falcon)
Elizabeth coming in for a landing! (Grey Falcon)
Rosie G’s English descriptive writing (Orangutan)
Rosie G’s English descriptive writing page 2
Thomas J (Polar Bears) poem picture
Ester reading
Elizabeth (Grey Falcon) mid-jump during Mr Warwick's PE challenge
Eddie's English letter (Grey Falcon)
PE time for Petra - Skylarks
Lola H (Arctic Wolf) doing her maths work
Joshua H (Okapi) - Enjoying reading 'Everybody Worries' By John Burgerman
Orla H (Lynx)
Orla reading in the garden (Lynx)
Thea H - Grey Falcon 2
Thea H - Grey Falcon
Ozzy B (Okapi) making his word search
Leo B (Skylarks) enjoying bug club
Gabriel having a change of scenery to do his work
Gabriel has done his apostrophe work
Gabriel’s apostrophe sentences about 5 of his friends
Alexander E (Grey Falcons) English story map
Rosie R, Elephants year 4
Rosie R, Elephants year 4
Rosie R, Elephants year 4
Oscars leaflet about his favourite place, Folkestone (Red Squirrels)
Lacie T - Google scratch - year 5
Enzo has almost finished his second Tom Gates book!
As part of his science learning, Ethan (Year 6) went to the garden and then on a nature walk to try and identify trees
Work by Justin S
Work by Justin S
Work by Justin S
Work by Justin S
Abigail’s spelling practice
Georgia W and her growing sunflower!
Georgia W's persuasive letter
Georgia W's coast picture
The moon poem by Eric V