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Home Learning for 24.4.20

Picture 1 Katie (Skylarks) family picture
Picture 2 Theo discovering Jack by The Hedge, Cow Parsley & White Dead Nettle
Picture 3 Theo tracing the old railway line in Saffron Walden
Picture 4 Ted and Imogen re-enacted George and the dragon
Picture 5 Ted and Imogen re-enacted George and the dragon and did some research
Picture 1 Here is a photo of the children from the school provision today with their key workers poster
Picture 2 Thea painted lots of stones to hide in the copse near our house
Picture 3 Thea did her maths outside today - working on fractions
Picture 4 Thea's painted stones
Picture 5 Thea had a play with Mum’s nail art supplies in her salon
Picture 1 Daisy completing her lesson today!
Picture 2 Bella and Oliver revising their French colours using coloured sweets - well it is Friday!
Picture 3 Ela with her work
Picture 4 Oliver working hard at home school
Picture 5 Jasper had fun making all kinds of family groups at the seaside
Picture 6 Bella working hard at home school
Picture 1 Joshua, so close to his self set target of 115
Picture 2 And then he smashes his target!
Picture 3 Mia and Harry loved dancing with Miss Cadwallader
Picture 4 Grace, Year 3 - Working hard on Maths with Mr Mercer
Picture 5 Zozimus by Antoni
Picture 6 Hannah writing her Viking quest story
Picture 7 Justin's work
Picture 8 Justin with his work
Picture 9 Learning some French
Picture 10 Grace's spelling wordsearch
Picture 11 Annabelle worked hard on the cold task today
Picture 12 Katie (Skylarks) drew a picture of Mr Twit with his plate of worm spaghetti.
Picture 1 A picture from Amber in red squirrel. She drew a picture to describe the word plussy. (Someone who is Plusnet is full of life) from Roald Dah
Picture 2 Lana is super proud of her handwriting
Picture 3 Grace - Yr 3 Flame Robin
Picture 4 Nellie's Manga character
Picture 5 Nellie doing phone number PE
Picture 6 Harry, Year 3. Super Maths!
Picture 7 Mia, Year 5. Fantastic English work today!
Picture 8 Chloe working hard at her maths with her crazy mermaid hair
Picture 9 Julia G and the dragon from Thursday’s work
Picture 10 Julia, Mum and Leon
Picture 11 Julia, Mum and Leon doing another dress up Friday with Joe Wicks
Picture 12 Nellie's newspaper report
Picture 1 Here is a picture of Arthur's dragon
Picture 2 Enzo has worked on his times tables every day and managed to do the challenge in the recommended time
Picture 3 So his big brother lent him his bronze badge until Enzo can take the test back at school!
Picture 4 Max helping at home
Picture 5 Max’s street scene and what he thinks it would have sounded like 100 years ago
Picture 6 Max’s cold story
Picture 7 Max's picture of Mrs Twit
Picture 8 Julia G and brothers having some fun on a daily walk
Picture 9 Julia G reading a Star Wars story to brother Leon
Picture 10 Roxy's maths
Picture 11 Roxy's kennings - Pillow...”Fluffy puffy”
Picture 12 Alice - Orangutans
Picture 13 Alice with her mask
Picture 14 Alice
Picture 15 Alice from Orangutans