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Home Learning for 2.4.2020

Picture 1 Petra from Skylarks
Picture 2 Petra's experiment
Picture 1 Freya - Flame Robins
Picture 2 Here are some photos of Freya, from Flame Robins, doing her Roman research
Picture 3 Coby from Dolphins would like to show Miss Brown how well his plant has grown!
Picture 4 Construction by Elizabeth
Picture 5 Orla - Year 6 - Making pizza
Picture 6 Orla making pizza
Picture 7 Isaac's theme park leaflet
Picture 8 Eleanor T's plan view of her dream dinner party including Mrs Savill, Mrs Mercer and George Ezra!
Picture 9 Orla's home school timetable
Picture 10 Orla's R.E.
Picture 11 Orla - Year 6
Picture 12 Cole with his bridge
Picture 13 Cole & Coby
Picture 14 Coby - Dolphin class
Picture 15 Coby - Dolphin class
Picture 16 Coby - Dolphins
Picture 1 Here is Zachary (Grey Falcons) with his Roman poster
Picture 2 Amelia from Elephant class has been reading ‘Fergus Crane’ to our conure Tiki and wanted to share this photo!
Picture 3 Here is Imogen all ready for her own Easter hat parade
Picture 4 Thea with her work
Picture 5 Phoebe, year 6, learning to make scrambled eggs
Picture 6 Phoebe's scrambled eggs
Picture 7 Thea's work - Year 3
Picture 8 Joel from Arctic Wolf class has been reading on Bug Club with a little helper!
Picture 9 Hazel & Elliott reading to each other on FaceTime
Picture 10 Hazel and Elliott reading to each other on FaceTime
Picture 11 A poem Hazel wrote last night when her sister and a friend were reading poems to each other
Picture 12 Holly and Daisy (y5+3) made a Lego treehouse
Picture 13 Thea's work - Year 3
Picture 14 Thea - Year 3
Picture 15 Thea's science work (year 3)
Picture 16 Daisy Y3 trying Mr Gilkes' throwing challenge
Picture 17 Orla found this in the field near her house
Picture 18 Orla with her fossil
Picture 1 Here is a photo of Elizabeth enjoying guided reading with Mrs Archer this morning
Picture 2 Alice getting her heart rate pumping for science and P.E
Picture 3 Alice working hard at her maths
Picture 4 Gabriel's apostrophe work
Picture 5 Phoebe's writing about what she thinks is at the top of the giants beanstalk
Picture 6 Phoebe writing about what she thinks is at the top of the giants beanstalk
Picture 7 Lottie's instructions on ‘How to Walk a Llama!'
Picture 8 Lottie writing instructions on ‘How to Walk a Llama!’
Picture 9 Holly in Y5 doing her science heart rate experiment (assisted by Daisy in Y3)
Picture 10 Harry doing Mr Gilkes' throwing challenge
Picture 11 Yesterday Sariyah in year 2 did some maths and english work and some baking
Picture 12 Poppy - Year 2 - doing maths
Picture 13 Martha’s 3D shapes - Maths homework Arctic Wolf
Picture 1 Maisie helping with jobs
Picture 2 Maisie looking up Roman information
Picture 3 Daniel with his cherry blossom picture
Picture 4 Kieran and his waterwheel
Picture 5 Aaron and his 3D shapes
Picture 6 Kieran and his manga art
Picture 7 Molly practising telling the time
Picture 8 Story by Poppy - Polar Bears
Picture 9 Poppy in Year 2 making her pencil holder