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Home Learning for 23.4.20

Picture 1 Ethan yr 2- 9 mile walk #hiketothemoon
Picture 2 Molly’s dragon at the end of her story for English
Picture 3 Evie is super-proud of her Gruffalo story map!
Picture 4 Leo discovering Cow Parsley and Jack by-the-hedge!
Picture 5 Antoni
Picture 6 Antoni's home learning today
Picture 1 Florence H’s Gruffalo work
Picture 2 Hermione has worked really hard on this. She made her own Excel sheets and input the data herself
Picture 3 Fred’s pledge for the world on Earth Day
Picture 4 The Tower Challenge!
Picture 5 Tower challenge
Picture 6 Harry enjoying Mr Gilkes' tower challenge
Picture 7 Mia working on her Geography with a little help from Wilson!
Picture 8 Mia taking a well deserved break!
Picture 1 Gabriel has drawn a dragon for St George’s Day
Picture 2 Gabriel- Yr 2. Happy St George’s Day!
Picture 3 Gabriel’s tomato plants
Picture 4 Rosie P from Dolphins drew a Gruffalo story map
Picture 5 Elizabeth studying runes
Picture 6 Molly wanted to share her story she wrote on her own. Called - The girl in her garden
Picture 1 Justin is very proud of his hard work
Picture 2 Justin's work
Picture 3 Grace's grandads cracked runes
Picture 4 Charlie from Orangutans completing Mr Gilkes' Tower Challenge
Picture 5 Charlie!
Picture 6 Harry from Skylarks Mr Twit Picture
Picture 7 Harry and Katie having fun in the garden
Picture 8 Harry reading his book
Picture 9 Harry counting
Picture 10 Harry has been counting the diggers in his book
Picture 11 Harry with his Gruffalo picture
Picture 12 Harry has had fun learning about the Gruffalo and labelling his picture
Picture 1 Katie designed her character who she chose to be a girl and gave her a Chinese name
Picture 2 Katie has been doing her News Report on the mount Everest mountaineers
Picture 3 Katie's newspaper report
Picture 4 Katie & Harry
Picture 5 Hollie's dragon
Picture 6 Orla working hard
Picture 7 Thea working hard
Picture 8 Thea and Orla
Picture 9 Thea's work
Picture 10 Grace got all her maths correct
Picture 11 Olivia is super proud of her dragon drawing!
Picture 12 Timmy
Picture 13 Timmy's kennings
Picture 14 Timmy's kennings
Picture 15 Grace decoding Runes for History
Picture 1 Imogen and Mummy made a bird table today
Picture 2 Esme sowed some grass seed this afternoon as part of a fairy garden project, we are hoping to grow a mini lawn for the garden
Picture 3 Esme been very busy crafting with her sisters to make our Easter window display and has learnt to cross stitch
Picture 4 Esme's window display
Picture 5 Justin working hard
Picture 6 Esmé has caught the reading bug over the Easter break and has been ploughing through some new books
Picture 7 Julia working hard
Picture 8 Julia G with her inside finds taking a break outside
Picture 9 Grace reading her book before bed
Picture 10 Discussing Earth Day with Elizabeth
Picture 11 Elizabeth doing her maths