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Home Learning for 22.4.20

Picture 1 Jasper had a look around our garden to see which plants are flowering -he decided this one is his favourite, the Bleeding Heart
Picture 2 At forest school picking up some rubbish, for Earth Day
Picture 3 Here is a photo of Frankie (Flame Robin) with his Science poster. He loved this activity!!
Picture 4 William's troll poem
Picture 5 Pledge to the Earth - Verity, year 6
Picture 1 Seb did an agamograph for Earth day and pledges to reduce reuse and recycle as much as possible
Picture 2 Hollie writing up her pea soup recipe
Picture 3 William's science (Grey Falcons)
Picture 4 Charlie's mask for his art work
Picture 5 Joshua's art work
Picture 6 Joshua from Orangutans - TT Rockstar
Picture 7 Olivia with her plants
Picture 8 Olivia
Picture 9 Olivia’s seed germination
Picture 10 Noah finding the minibeasts for Science
Picture 11 Noah from Elephants doing PE
Picture 12 Grace celebrating Earth Day
Picture 13 For her science work, Bella has been looking for flowers and seeing how they germinated
Picture 14 Bella
Picture 15 Bella's science
Picture 1 Jasper really thought about what we do and use when he helps make risotto!
Picture 2 Lottie and her Troll poem
Picture 3 Ellen's poetry
Picture 4 Bethan has really enjoyed using the Gruffalo in her literacy work, and made a model gruffalo from plasticine
Picture 5 Georgia celebrating Earth Day 2020
Picture 6 Gabriel’s germination picture
Picture 7 Florence's maths
Picture 8 Andrew R's english
Picture 9 Florence's pea recipe
Picture 10 Florence's Pea recipe page 2
Picture 11 Ellen's class have had poetry week and she has done some fantastic quality work each day
Picture 12 Gabriel mistreating his favourite blossom tree!
Picture 13 Ollie and Rosie finding the times table answers written on small pieces of card around the garden!
Picture 14 Harry's science
Picture 15 Mia's science
Picture 16 Matilda doing Mr Warwick’s workout this morning
Picture 17 Matilda when she had finished the workout!!
Picture 18 Professor Petra’s experiments
Picture 19 Petra from Skylark class
Picture 20 Grace working hard on Maths
Picture 21 Justin's science work
Picture 22 Justin's school work
Picture 23 Justin's home learning
Picture 24 Gabriel's shiny find on a walk!
Picture 1 Louis was inspired by Captain Tom Moore and decided to do his own challenge to help Addenbrookes hospital! He biked 100 laps of the garden, ran 150 and hopped 20 all in one go!
Picture 2 He got sponsorship and has raised almost £600! As part of his maths he worked out he biked 3.5km, ran 7km and hopped 700m!
Picture 1 Roxy had a great time on her birthday!
Picture 2 Ava using Phonics Play
Picture 3 Verity's news report (Year 6)
Picture 4 Roxy's pet drawing.
Picture 5 Roxy's slime fractions! (Grey Falcons)