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Home Learning for 21.5.20

Picture 1 Martyna working hard
Picture 1 Lucjan working on his maths - the heat doesn’t help - lots of ice lollies needed
Picture 2 Eric V homework - Arctic Wolves
Picture 3 Eric V homework - Arctic Wolves
Picture 4 Julia G, Arctic Wolf, looking at maths - symmetry
Picture 5 Lucy made me some cakes!
Picture 6 Milo's maths
Picture 1 Daisy's Zine about flags
Picture 2 Holly and her list poem
Picture 3 Holly & Daisy's drawings from the world record attempt
Picture 4 Holly & Daisy participating in the 'draw with Rob'world record attempt
Picture 5 Georgia really enjoyed drawing live with Rob Biddulph today
Picture 6 Molly K - Polar Bears
Picture 7 Molly K - Polar Bears
Picture 8 Tahlia working on TT Rockstars in her pyjamas! Before school even starts!
Picture 9 Tahlia
Picture 1 Jan K - Year 4 Okapis - with his maths
Picture 2 Zara's work
Picture 3 Zara's work
Picture 4 Zara's work
Picture 5 Zara
Picture 6 Cameron & Erin - today has been a hot day so me made a fort using a duvet cover and a fan to keep cool
Picture 1 Louis B (Jaguar) poem
Picture 2 Poppy - Polar Bears - Divisions Challenge A
Picture 3 From Elephants class
Picture 4 Josh relaxing in the pool after lessons
Picture 5 Jenson relaxing in the pool after lessons
Picture 6 Florence W completed her explanation today by adding her illustrations.
Picture 7 This is Katie's report on the battle of Hastings
Picture 8 Katie worked really hard on this with lots of research and note taking
Picture 1 Leon (Flame Robins)
Picture 2 Leon (Flame Robins)
Picture 3 Leon thoroughly enjoyed Saxon shortbread making and, eating them, too
Picture 4 Amelia P (Y4), working on her history today and researching Vikings
Picture 1 Tallulah (Leopards)
Picture 2 Charlie wrote some awesome instructions for a viking on how to invade a new land!
Picture 3 And after, Charlie had a well deserved dip in the pool!!
Picture 4 Georgia’s fact file on Sutton Hoo
Picture 5 Abigail practising her piano
Picture 6 Abigail practising her flute
Picture 7 Lucy’s (Arctic Wolves) maths and science
Picture 8 Lucy’s (Arctic Wolves) maths and science
Picture 9 Evie C
Picture 1 Luke W (Orangutans)
Picture 2 Chloe's desk tidy
Picture 3 Noah’s home learning
Picture 1 Antoni N - Red Squirrels
Picture 2 Myley J
Picture 3 Myley J
Picture 4 Myley J
Picture 5 Myley J
Picture 6 Myley J
Picture 7 Myley J
Picture 8 Myley J
Picture 9 Myley J
Picture 1 Alexander E (Grey Falcons)
Picture 2 Olivia and Oscar
Picture 3 Olivia and Oscar
Picture 4 Oscar enjoying the sunshine!
Picture 5 Olivia spending time in the sunshine!
Picture 6 Olivia and Oscar have rescued an injured hedgehog
Picture 7 Olivia and Oscar have rescued an injured hedgehog
Picture 8 Olivia and Oscar enjoyed long bike rides
Picture 1 Elliott has written an explanation booklet about clouds for English
Picture 2 Oscar B - Red Squirrel
Picture 3 Oscar B - Red Squirrel
Picture 4 Oscar B - Red Squirrel
Picture 5 Oscar B - Red Squirrel
Picture 6 Oscar B - Red Squirrel
Picture 1 Olivia - Polar Bears
Picture 2 Olivia - Polar Bears
Picture 3 Ethan Year 2 - looking at symmetry in shapes
Picture 1 Ethan Year 2 - looking at symmetry in shapes
Picture 2 Francesca (Red squirrels) doing her Maths in the garden
Picture 3 Trying Mr Warwick's dribbling challenge using shoes as cones
Picture 1 Ethan Year 2- creating a worry monster for mental health awareness week
Picture 2 Eve P (Puma) typing up her English informal letter
Picture 3 Annabelle P (Okapis) writing her Viking raid plan
Picture 1 Edie has been developing her baking skills!
Picture 2 Edie M
Picture 3 Edie M
Picture 1 Rose has created an amazing fact sheet about famous Violinist
Picture 2 Rose
Picture 3 Growing cress
Picture 1 Molly - Grey Falcon
Picture 2 Molly - Grey Falcon
Picture 3 Molly - Grey Falcon
Picture 1 Johnny P Year 6 - Lynx
Picture 2 Esme made a fresh flower mobile for her assignment back in March
Picture 3 Winnie has loved learning about Amelia Earhart this week and also playing with Charanga and growing cress
Picture 1 Lola M - Jaguar
Picture 2 Lola M - Jaguar
Picture 3 Jayesh is getting on well with his letter to his past self. Year 6 Mrs Wilcox
Picture 4 Safia used the Galileo thermometer to understand how the submarine works...
Picture 5 Jed’s coding to build a website
Picture 6 Jed’s coding to build a website
Picture 7 Jed’s coding to build a website
Picture 8 Jed’s coding to build a website
Picture 9 Grace - Flame Robin - History work about Sutton Hoo
Picture 1 Poppy - Polar Bears - English
Picture 2 Jake & Mollie out for our family walk.
Picture 3 Olivia’s ‘Wake Up’ machine (Polar Bears)
Picture 4 Freya making her own breakfast
Picture 5 Freya (Polar Bears) working on her explanation text
Picture 6 Elsa - polar bears
Picture 1 Alex H (Skylarks)
Picture 2 Alex H (Skylarks)
Picture 3 Alex H (Skylarks)
Picture 4 Leo (Polar Bears) with his ‘Plant Care Top Tips’ poster which he made for yesterday’s science topic.
Picture 5 Emma (Elephants)
Picture 6 Emma (Elephants)
Picture 1 Marnie (Okapi)
Picture 2 Ollie (Arctic Wolves) enjoyed creating his explanation text labelled diagram
Picture 3 Ed, Grey Falcons, working on fractions
Picture 4 Thomas - Polar Bear - Symmetry work
Picture 5 Ellie C doing some number bonds on Espresso
Picture 6 Aashiv G (Grey Falcons}
Picture 1 Ava writing Mrs Mercer a letter
Picture 2 Ava
Picture 3 Ava’s days of the week spellings and prefixes and suffixes
Picture 4 Ava on Espresso Maths
Picture 1 William R - Yellow Bird transposition
Picture 2 Arthur R - Explanation text
Picture 3 Aashiv (Grey Falcon) planting
Picture 4 Eddie (Grey Falcon) being creative with his writing in the garden
Picture 5 Martha’s Plantomatic 3000!
Picture 6 Martha’s Plantomatic 3000
Picture 1 Mollie B (Jaguar)
Picture 2 Cole year 5
Picture 3 Cole year 5 completing his maths work
Picture 4 Cole year 5 working through the videos & power points
Picture 5 Cole year 5 with his desk tidy
Picture 6 Katie (Skylarks)
Picture 1 Zara, Zack & Courtney
Picture 2 Oliver C - Polar Bear
Picture 3 Oliver C - Polar Bear
Picture 1 Grace's Maths - Yr 3, she tried really hard
Picture 2 Grace's maths
Picture 3 Grace's maths
Picture 1 After discussing soup as part of the creative work on Monday Zachary wanted to make some!
Picture 2 Zachary doing some English work
Picture 3 Zara (Lynx), Courtney (Flame Robin) and Zack (Skylark) having paddling pool fun!
Picture 4 Rosie G, year 5
Picture 5 Roxy's having a busy week so far, working on her invent story, comparing fractions, being creative, she enjoyed Mrs Cass’s music lesson too!!
Picture 6 Maisie starting her suspense story
Picture 7 Daniel listening to Mr Weller’s English lesson
Picture 8 Thomas working really hard on his maths
Picture 9 When Thomas watched the clip on the chocolate head cake he was determined to make it
Picture 10 He watched the clip over and over again and took notes.... he even made me a shopping list of things we needed!!
Picture 11 Will's letter to himself about COVID19
Picture 12 Rosie G year 5
Picture 1 Will N's letter to himself about COVID19
Picture 2 Ronnie - School work in the sunshine
Picture 3 Greta R
Picture 4 Greta R
Picture 5 Poppy O
Picture 6 Katie B
Picture 1 Elsie (Grey Falcons) English
Picture 2 Júlia O - Arctic Wolves
Picture 3 Júlia O - Arctic Wolves
Picture 4 Júlia O - Arctic Wolves
Picture 5 Júlia O - Arctic Wolves - planting tomato plants
Picture 6 Júlia O - Arctic Wolves
Picture 1 Ava with her own koala!
Picture 2 Ava D
Picture 3 Justin's work
Picture 4 Justin's work
Picture 5 Justin's work
Picture 6 Justin's work
Picture 7 Alex working hard on his English this morning
Picture 8 Kayra - Year 3
Picture 9 Kayra - Year 3
Picture 10 Kayra - Year 3
Picture 11 Kayra - Year 3
Picture 12 Louise H, Grey Falcon, English with daddy today
Picture 1 Tilly making her desk tidy
Picture 2 Lana
Picture 3 Lana has been busy this week in the garden with her brother keeping cool! They have been in and the paddling pool and eating ice creams!
Picture 4 This week we enjoyed having a picture together as a family in lockdown
Picture 5 Callum W year 6 with his sister Ruby Early Years also learning to fish
Picture 6 Reece W year 3 learning to fish
Picture 7 Rosie researching her suspense story
Picture 8 Ollie with his science
Picture 9 Kai in Elephants researching animals for Science
Picture 1 Safia and Reuben doing PE
Picture 2 Safia enjoying Bug Club
Picture 3 Reubens monster that we made out of materials in the house
Picture 4 Dexter enjoying a new rope swing
Picture 5 Amber working hard (Red Squirrel)
Picture 6 Libby with her science experiment
Picture 7 Symmetry with Martha!
Picture 8 Symmetry with Martha!
Picture 9 Sophie H - Orangutan - making a waterbug
Picture 10 Sophie H - Orangutan
Picture 11 Sophie H - Orangutan - seed helicopter
Picture 12 Annabelle (Skylarks) lots of practising on her bike this week