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Home Learning for 21.4.20

Picture 1 Fred’s science fiction story setting
Picture 2 Harry’s natural world picture
Picture 3 Charlie’s origami dinosaur
Picture 4 Bella found all of this in her five senses scavenger hunt and then put them all away in 1 minute!
Picture 5 Rosie and Elliott enjoyed taking their pens for a walk today
Picture 6 Hermione Year 5
Picture 7 Hermione Year 5 Art
Picture 8 Theo's journey story and colouring from our nature walk
Picture 9 Theo and his fountain in the garden
Picture 1 Safia's picture
Picture 2 Hollie enjoying a walk
Picture 3 Martha dog by Antoni
Picture 4 Luke hard at work
Picture 5 By Lottie in Flame Robins
Picture 6 Phoebe's Gruffalo labelling
Picture 7 Phoebe from Dolphins
Picture 8 A tulip by Katie (Skylarks)
Picture 9 Grace's work about a Synogogue
Picture 10 Gabriel’s senses scavenger hunt
Picture 11 Ollie with his artwork
Picture 12 Grace
Picture 1 Mia and Lana working hard
Picture 2 Mia and Lana’s ‘board game'
Picture 3 Leo (Polar Bears) with his spellings
Picture 4 Safia's story
Picture 5 Here is Harry (Grey Falcons) doing Mr Gilkes' speed bounce challenge
Picture 6 Katie's story (Skylarks)
Picture 7 Mia's maths
Picture 8 Harry's english work
Picture 9 Grace
Picture 1 Ruby from Early Years working hard
Picture 2 Julia practising handwriting and solving maths problems - adding 3 one digit numbers.
Picture 3 Julia with her maths
Picture 4 Lucjan doing maths followed by writing a scary story
Picture 5 Lucjan working hard
Picture 6 Milo with his artwork
Picture 7 Milo's artwork
Picture 8 Frankie's spy poem
Picture 9 Ffion's journey story
Picture 10 Molly with her rainbow eye spy poem