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Home Learning for 20.4.20

Picture 1 Harry's journey story
Picture 2 Harry looking cool in his plane!
Picture 3 Phoebe's independent learning activity for today
Picture 4 Emily's artwork
Picture 5 Daisy's artwork
Picture 6 Reuben & Safia
Picture 7 Safia & Reuben
Picture 8 Ellie's journey story
Picture 9 Ellie's journey story page 2
Picture 10 Theo's independent learning today
Picture 1 Amber's journey story
Picture 2 Amber's story page 2
Picture 3 Isaac's artwork
Picture 4 Painting a flower like Georgia O’Keeffe
Picture 5 Francesca enjoyed flying in her aeroplane today
Picture 6 Eliska's newspaper report
Picture 7 Eliska's writing
Picture 8 Winnie's journey story
Picture 1 Grace practising fractions
Picture 2 Harry having fun in the garden!
Picture 3 Katie having fun in the garden!
Picture 4 Katie & Harry have been cooking!
Picture 5 Katie & Harry's decorated window to support NHS workers, Dustmen, Postman and Grocery workers
Picture 6 Sasha's maths
Picture 7 Ava's journey story
Picture 8 Chloe painting
Picture 9 Eleanor H's journey story
Picture 10 Mia's art
Picture 11 Antoni working hard
Picture 12 Antoni's English writing
Picture 13 Antoni's writing
Picture 14 Justin's school work
Picture 15 Katie & Harry's decorated window
Picture 16 Will's mask
Picture 17 Hazel and Edith for Year 1 topic launch
Picture 18 Honza's story
Picture 19 Matilda has made a movie poster for her pets with super powers. They are off to space to find a cure for Coronavirus apparently!
Picture 20 Lucy with her mask
Picture 21 Here is Imogen's picture of Imogen the fairy
Picture 22 Today Mummy and Imogen started to read Imogen the ice dancing fairy
Picture 23 Here is Leo’s picture of his short story
Picture 24 Rose & Charlie busy with their school work
Picture 25 Rose's journey story
Picture 26 Charlie with his artwork
Picture 27 Alex (Year 5) with her artwork
Picture 28 Evie with her Gruffalo
Picture 29 Evie's Gruffalo and Gruffalo background
Picture 30 Molly painted a picture in the style of Georgia O’Keefe
Picture 31 Yesterday Molly wrote a song about being locked down and then performed it to music
Picture 32 Florence's keepie-uppie challenge
Picture 1 Harry listened to the story of the Gruffalo today on you tube
Picture 2 Katie practising a transport poem with rhythm and expression
Picture 3 Gabriel’s book scavenger hunt!
Picture 4 Mia's short story
Picture 5 Harry having fun with fractions
Picture 6 Oscar turning his vehicle movements into dances - Boat
Picture 7 Oscar - Car
Picture 8 Oscar - Motorcycle
Picture 9 Katie - Year 6
Picture 10 Katie - Year 6 (2)
Picture 11 Katie
Picture 12 Katie (Year 6)
Picture 13 George reading
Picture 14 Sasha (Skylarks)
Picture 15 Grace practising her times tables
Picture 1 Louise working on fractions
Picture 2 Harry's rainbow poem
Picture 3 Mia & Harry loved the video!
Picture 4 Gabriel doing Mr Gilkes keepie uppie challenge. He managed 3!
Picture 5 Gabriel's camp for lockdown!
Picture 6 Core values by Gabriel
Picture 1 The boys had a great Easter - they both did lots of baking, did a cool science experiment with skittles and showed their support for the NHS!
Picture 2 Baking by Louis
Picture 3 Enzo & Louis
Picture 4 Louis & Enzo having fun!
Picture 5 Louis & Enzo's science experiment
Picture 6 Enzo
Picture 7 Leon from Flame Robin and Eleanor from Dolphins
Picture 8 Leon from Flame Robins
Picture 9 Rose & Winnie
Picture 10 Winnie
Picture 11 Rose & Winnie's Easter fun
Picture 12 Rose
Picture 13 Rose & Winnie having Easter fun!
Picture 14 Kai in Elephants with his leaf mobile
Picture 15 Even though the Easter Hat parade couldn't go ahead Aaron was still keen to decorate his and wear it!
Picture 16 Aaron's Easter hat!
Picture 17 Aaron making his Easter hat
Picture 18 So, although Izzy didn’t win the #CallWriteShare competition, her story was one chosen to be read out on their podcast as one that caught their eye. Well done Izzy!
Picture 19 Luke decided to do a little extra English work over the holidays and took the piece of ‘reordering an explanation text’ work to the next level by turning it into a comic strip with beautiful drawings!
Picture 20 Hollie's fairy gardens
Picture 21 Hollie making fairy gardens