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Home Learning for 18.5.20

Picture 1 Sariyah from Polar Bears having fun making banana and chocolate cake today
Picture 2 Aaron's Georgia O'Keefe inspired artwork
Picture 3 Aaron's symmetrical picture out of Lego for maths (Polar Bear)
Picture 4 Jed C Year 6
Picture 5 Geography field trip where Jed made a den !
Picture 1 Enzo's drawing of the teacher pleaser
Picture 2 Enzo (polar bear) symmetrical painting
Picture 3 Henry has been busy building circuits with his electronics kit. He’s built a musical doorbell and and a fan
Picture 4 Lexi's twisted story
Picture 5 Lexi's flower for art
Picture 6 Lexi doing science questions
Picture 7 Lexi's Symmetrical pictures
Picture 8 Lexi K - Doing her English work on her tablet
Picture 9 Daisy
Picture 10 Daisy
Picture 11 Daisy's work
Picture 12 Daisy enjoying doing some writing and painting
Picture 13 Daisy K - Dolphins
Picture 14 Olivia’s symmetry work (Polar Bears
Picture 15 Jessica's English work from today (Polar Bears)
Picture 1 So after a morning of English and Maths, Luke decided that our outdoor activity would be forest school
Picture 2 Hallie's independent activity today (Grey Falcons)
Picture 3 Poppy, Polar Bears
Picture 1 Nancy
Picture 2 Nancy's plant art (Okapi)
Picture 3 Lucjan, Orangutans, explaining to me how the fraction pyramid works
Picture 4 Olivia
Picture 5 Olivia
Picture 6 Olivia
Picture 7 Olivia B Flame Robin
Picture 8 By Olivia - Polar Bears
Picture 9 By Olivia - Polar Bears
Picture 10 Freya
Picture 11 Freya
Picture 12 Freya B Flame Robins making her monster
Picture 1 Here is Georgia creating her monster!
Picture 2 Olivia B
Picture 3 Olivia B
Picture 4 Olivia B
Picture 5 Olivia B
Picture 6 By Olivia - Polar Bears
Picture 7 By Olivia - Polar Bears
Picture 8 Verity K, Lynx - plant art bunny
Picture 1 Ashley B - Jaguar - making his desk tidy
Picture 2 Ashley's desk tidy
Picture 3 Fred made a crunchy top lemon cake for us all
Picture 4 Lyle S
Picture 5 Georgia had fun making her very own monster!
Picture 6 Andrew with his favourite bird - Red Kite (leaf art)
Picture 1 Francesca (Jaguars) with her Rainforest inspired desk tidy
Picture 2 Eleanor T listening to some jazz while she paints her Kandinksy style concentric circles
Picture 3 Joshua's leaf picture
Picture 4 Naomi having fun outside
Picture 5 Naomi's home learning
Picture 6 Joshua's TT Rockstar
Picture 1 Martha
Picture 2 Some pictures of Martha’s maths work!
Picture 3 She had lots of fun with her sister creating symmetric patterns with her lego!
Picture 1 Edward O, Grey Falcons with his Shield - Creative activity
Picture 2 Lucy’s desk tidy (Jaguar class)
Picture 3 Ethan, year 2- looking at symmetry
Picture 4 Grace - (Flame Robin) nature picture of a butterfly
Picture 5 Maemi and Ava H
Picture 6 Maemi and Ava H
Picture 7 Harry M from Skylarks work from his topic
Picture 8 Emily's (Orangutan) desk tidy
Picture 9 Petra T - Art
Picture 1 Molly was practising her handwriting and the alphabet all on her own, following Mrs Dolby’s video
Picture 2 Daisy and her model dinosaur
Picture 3 Petra (Skylarks) Colour mixing
Picture 1 Thomas J (Polar Bear) painting of lavender
Picture 2 Elliott (Red Squirrels) mixing paint colours
Picture 3 Logan (Polar Bear class)
Picture 1 Gabriel’s spelling poster
Picture 2 Gabriel’s riddle and 3 and 4 times tables
Picture 3 Timmy making 'saxon' honey shortbread
Picture 4 Timmy's very modern shortbread decorating
Picture 5 Petra T Maths
Picture 6 Daisy playing patience to practise her Maths (covering pairs that add together to make 11).
Picture 7 Florence enjoyed creating her symmetrical shape in the garden
Picture 8 Freya (Polar Bear) Plant labelling
Picture 9 Freya
Picture 10 Freya
Picture 11 Freya on a walk with Harry Potter glasses
Picture 12 Freya
Picture 1 Milo has enjoyed making his desk tidy this morning
Picture 2 Milo with his desk tidy
Picture 3 Julia G and Lucjan G looking after tadpoles
Picture 4 Alex H - Skylarks
Picture 5 Jazmin C (Polar Bears) symmetry work
Picture 6 Jazmin C (Polar Bears) symmetry work
Picture 7 Jazmin C (Polar Bears) symmetry work
Picture 8 English by Grace
Picture 9 Grace D-H (Flame Robin) English Work From Friday
Picture 10 Emma made a doctors coat out of an old shir
Picture 11 Emma loves clapping for the NHS
Picture 12 Emma reading (Elephants)
Picture 13 Julia G, Monday work
Picture 14 Julia G, Monday work
Picture 15 Julia G, Monday work
Picture 16 Julia G, Friday Maths
Picture 17 Julia G, Friday Maths
Picture 18 Hazel enjoying mixing primary colours to make her Kandinsky inspired concentric circles
Picture 1 Louise H, Grey Falcon, marking her maths
Picture 2 Molly K (Polar Bears) There - their - they’re poster
Picture 3 Luke S working hard
Picture 4 Harry doing his English!
Picture 5 Mia completing her English
Picture 6 Petra (Skylarks) in-line Maths
Picture 7 Josh and Jenson designed a monster and chose the materials they wanted to make it. Jenson made T
Picture 8 Josh and Jenson designed a monster and chose the materials they wanted to make it. Josh made Jigsaw
Picture 9 Nathan C - Learning About Fractions
Picture 10 Nathan
Picture 11 Nathan
Picture 12 Nathan
Picture 1 Leo working on symmetrical shapes (Polar Bears)
Picture 2 Millie Osborne, Leopards, with some leafy fish
Picture 3 Oscar's story map for Mrs Armitage and the hot air balloon
Picture 4 Bailey (Okapi) building up his scores on TT Rockstars
Picture 5 Jessica enjoying making symmetrical paintings for her maths activity today (Polar Bears)
Picture 6 Jessica (Polar Bears)
Picture 7 Jessica
Picture 8 Oliver enjoying being outside!
Picture 9 Grace D-H (Flame Robin) working hard at Maths
Picture 1 George H, Okapi Class
Picture 2 Aaron's Teacher Pleasing Machine!
Picture 3 Evie S's work
Picture 4 Evie S's work
Picture 5 Tugra
Picture 6 Tugra
Picture 7 Tugra and Symmetrical Shapes
Picture 8 Hazel’s incredible me - unpredictable, kind, funny and daring
Picture 9 Hazel’s innovation - Mrs Armitage’s crazy car (Red Squirrels)
Picture 10 Max P's maths
Picture 11 Max P
Picture 12 Max P's work
Picture 13 Max P's work
Picture 14 Max P's work
Picture 15 Max P's work
Picture 16 Max P's work
Picture 17 Max P's work
Picture 18 Max P
Picture 19 By Harley
Picture 20 Millie enjoying her daily exercise
Picture 21 Ro’s latest project..... she made her own cushion!