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Home Learning for 16.6.20

Ethan G, Polar Bears, Ethan's cairns
Jasper did maths with his daddy and they did some quarters with hamma beads! (Arctic Wolf)
Ethan G, Polar Bears, looking at art through prisms
Louise H, Grey Falcon, maths on her birthday!
Joshua B yr5
Thea H - Grey Falcon
Greta R - Grey Falcon
Katie's poster (Elephants)
Petra T - Skylarks
Bailey (Okapi) doing his daily reading
Molly doing maths
Molly’s opening suspense paragraph
Molly (Grey Falcon)
Molly wrote me (mum) a persuasive letter, trying to convince me that we should get a sausage dog (Grey Falcon)
Molly wrote me (mum) a persuasive letter, trying to convince me that we should get a sausage dog (Grey Falcon)
Gabriel’s picture of Miss Andrews
Gabriel (Arctic Wolves) picture of Miss Andrews, his favourite teacher. Sorry about the feet!
 Social distance learning with friends. Happy children. All working hard, whilst having lots of fun together. Lottie, Noah & Reuben (Flame Robins)
Here’s Martha’s text map so far.. She’s really enjoyed doing it (Arctic Wolf)
Rosie R really enjoyed creating a poster for Wellbeing to encourage people to speak up (Elephants)
Katie R made a flower picture with petals (Elephants)
 Alexander E (Grey Falcons) English work
Noah G working on his English (Elephants)
Lily (Arctic Wolves) working hard on maths
James (Elephants) has worked hard on his maths
 Rose had an epic day yesterday and did most of her HL (Elephants)
Rose did a lovely picture of two Nahwhales
Rose's spelling
Rose's work
Rose's self portrait
Rose's work
Rose's maths
Rose working hard!
Rose's maths
Noah's music lesson
Noah's music lesson (Polar Bears)
Noah's home learning (Polar Bear)
Leo G working on his text map
Emma - A butterfly we found on a walk
Emma K (Elephants) - a dragon fly we found on a walk
Emma K (Elephants) - today we saw some tiny frogs
Gabriel’s waterproof boat for the Moon Map book
Gabriel (Arctic Wolves) is reading The Lorax
Emma's completed maths
Emma's portrait
Emma - Battleship spellings in the pool. Think it might be a bit cold!
Charlie M from Orangutans saw Louis’ pogo efforts and was up for the challenge! He completed 1150 jumps on the pogo stick!!
Daisy D - Geography
Daisy D - English
Daisy D - Maths
Daisy D - More maths and English (Flame Robin)
Holly D - Coding (Orangutans)
Daisy D - science (Flame Robin)
Holly D - Science (Orangutans)
 Olivia H (Polar Bears)
 Olivia H (Polar Bears)
 Olivia H (Polar Bears)