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Home Learning for 1.5.20

Picture 1 Freya editing the Beowulf text
Picture 2 Freya's edited text, which she would like Mrs Archer to see
Picture 3 Oscar's 5 senses scavenger hunt
Picture 4 Francesca visited the old station house today and walked in the area that would have been the old train track
Picture 5 Making a battery from copper coins and aluminium foil
Picture 6 Ronnie doing his daily spellings
Picture 7 Rosie’s English
Picture 1 Abigail enjoyed her zoom flute lesson with Mrs Parker today
Picture 2 Frankie (Flame Robins) editing his Beowulf text
Picture 3 Grace listening to Mrs Archer reading
Picture 4 Georgia loved drawing Danny the Dinosaur today for her independent activity
Picture 5 Nam wanted to share some examples of his work (Year 4)
Picture 6 Nam's work page 2
Picture 7 Nam's work page 3
Picture 8 Grandel text restructuring Henry Walsh from Flame Robin
Picture 9 Henry
Picture 10 Grace's P4C Work
Picture 11 Justin's work page 1
Picture 12 Justin's work page 2
Picture 1 Alice investigating perimeter
Picture 2 Mia did a great job with her Maths this morning!
Picture 3 Harry working hard on his Maths!
Picture 4 Maths with a May Day crown
Picture 5 May Day
Picture 6 Grace
Picture 7 Reuben smashing the equivalent fractions.... (after explaining what ‘equivalent’ meant!)
Picture 8 Martha has chosen the Gingerbread man and has decided to write it from the fox’s perspective. This is her fox ( and it’s called BOB!)
Picture 9 Adele's work
Picture 10 Adele's (Turtle class) positive experience picture and Little Red Riding Hood map
Picture 11 Annabelle from Skylarks with a friend!
Picture 12 We have even been to the KSS forest school!
Picture 13 Cooking at home with mummy and little brother
Picture 14 With the blossoms in the garden waiting for them to become cherries!
Picture 15 Annabelle planting potatoes
Picture 1 Cole completing his English work
Picture 2 Cole doing his spellings
Picture 3 Cole’s science experiment- first pic didn’t float- used card and it was too heavy
Picture 4 Cole changed to paper and the bug floated
Picture 5 Justin looking very proud of his work
Picture 6 Justin's work
Picture 7 Justin
Picture 8 Coby learning his tricky words
Picture 9 Coby doing his maths work
Picture 10 Julia
Picture 11 Julia G, Arctic Wolf, ready for another dress up PE with Joe Wicks, this time as Rey from Star Wars
Picture 12 Theo building a rainbow bird box to raise money for the NHS
Picture 13 Theo from Skylarks rainy day activities - baking cookies
Picture 14 Rose
Picture 15 Rose doing her bubble writing spellings!
Picture 16 Coby practising his letter formation
Picture 17 Theo and his brother raising money for the NHS with their bird box from - looking forward to some bird spotting
Picture 1 Frank's writing
Picture 2 Frank from Skylarks with his story map
Picture 3 Frank doing phonics
Picture 4 Joshua's scavenger hunt
Picture 5 Lucjan working hard
Picture 6 Lucjan, Orangutans, on his morning daddy Danny dog walk combined with some PE moves
Picture 7 Lucjan
Picture 8 Julia with her story map
Picture 9 Julia created a story map for the next part