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Home Learning for 14.5.20

Nellie (Lynx) World changers topic powerpoint
Oliver C - Polar Bears
Today’s work from Ronnie
Amber preparing her salad
 Libby with her celery experiment
Libby and Amber looking at the different leaves on the trees
Jasper had a spooky time with a balloon and ghost
Jasper tried hard with his handwriting
Seb doing his maths with Fred
Naomi's home learning
Siena - Grey Falcon - Still smiling!
Alex H - Skylarks
Olivia's work
Olivia's work
Olivia's work
Olivia's work
Olivia's work - Polar Bears
Florence W's information leaflet about the UK and New Zealand
Florence W's information leaflet
Florence W's super neat handwriting
Abigail and Georgia had such fun making slime today!
Abigail worked hard on her handwriting today
Georgia’s handwriting is improving day by day
Archie - Jaguars
Archie - Jaguars
 Archie & Siena
Archie - Jaguars
Lucy (Arctic Wolves)
Lucy (Arctic Wolves)
Lucy’s (Arctic wolves, year 2) work from today
Eleanor enjoyed Mrs Savill's morning video - look what we've been having on our toast this week!
Maddie and Ethan ready to display their self portraits at school
Maddie calculating how many rectangles she could create
Riley W Arctic Wolves
Winnie's story mountain
Winnie's story
Something for Mr Webb from Rose
For Mr Webb from Rose
Rose and Winnie
Winnie learning on Karate cats and doing her story mountain and white rose maths
Rose doing maths and reading on the sofa with Ruby
Marnie - Okapi - year 4, working on Her English
Amelia showing some of her English and Maths work
Amelia lost her other top front tooth yesterday!!
Ava with her story mountain and the start of her story about Mrs Armitage’s vehicle
Ava's story mountain
Grace TTRockstar!
Elliott working hard on his maths with his favourite toy Jessie
Holly & Daisy looking after their pet hamster Pickles
Erin - Jaguars
Erin's English work
Lottie's Creative Writing
Lottie - Flame Robin - English work
Henry looking at plant leaves and vegetables
Petra's work
Petra's work page 2
Ester working on her Maths
Eve P (Puma) writing a summary on people who have changed the world
Safia's school work
Safia's school work year 1
Grace - Flame Robins English work
Grace - Flame Robins English Work - She worked very hard!
 Noah G (Elephants) science
Grace's Maths from earlier today - Mr Mercers videos are helping!
Arthur's handwriting
 Arthur R has been working very hard on his handwriting and his timetables today
Leo T maths
Ollie Whiter - yr 2 - Arctic Wolves English and Spelling questions
Henry and Matilda decorating for VE Day
Harry Potter (aka Henry) practising the dark arts (English) today
Jessica W - maths work
Jessica W - maths work
Jessica W - maths work
Jessica W Polar Bears - maths work
Freddie's story
Freddie enjoyed writing his suspense story
 Leo T doing his phonics
Esmé went on a 'colour walk' and did some tally work! Lots of purple out there at the moment!
Rose H - Red Squirrels - Story
Charlie H - Jaguars - Suspense story
Noah’s home learning
Noah’s home learning
Bailey (Okapi) with his animal design
Maisie examining leaves for science
Dexter loved playing Karate Cats
Dexter finding and making halves....
Rosie G's writing
Rosie G's writing page 2
Rosie G's writing page 3
 Julia G working on questions about how we see
Lucjan, Orangutans, finishing off his maths extension
Julia G and Lucjan after completing PE with Joe Wicks and Mr Warwick
Verity (Lynx) favourite book cover..
Verity (Lynx) - Branching Key; Classifying Vertebrates