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Home Learning for 1.4.2020

Picture 1 Julia's 3D shape
Picture 2 Lucjan working on his Theme Park leaflet today
Picture 3 Julia has been working on 3D shapes today plus she wrote another section to her imaginary The Fun Town
Picture 1 Isabelle enjoying listening to Mrs Archer reading Charlotte's Web
Picture 2 Nikola - Elephants
Picture 3 Lucy’s leaflet for Jaguar’s English work
Picture 4 Lucy's leaflet
Picture 5 Lucy’s blossom pictures, Jaguars
Picture 1 Florence's writing about the Parrot Park in her imaginary town
Picture 2 Noah's Easter card
Picture 3 Hollie's maths
Picture 4 Hollie - Arctic Wolves
Picture 5 Faye from EY completing a maths challenge
Picture 6 Chloe making slime
Picture 7 School rules by Edith and Hazel
Picture 8 Olivia's Easter card
Picture 9 Farmer Duck innovative story map from yesterday
Picture 10 Ava doing yoga
Picture 11 Ava - Red squirrels - doing maths today
Picture 12 Florence made a marble picture using hair gel and food colouring to make Easter cards
Picture 13 Florence's marbling
Picture 14 Hermione and Florence
Picture 15 Hermione completed her leaflet for English
Picture 16 Hermione's leaflet
Picture 17 Hermione's leaflet
Picture 18 Seb helped Jasper make an Easter card and then wrote a note to everyone he can't see at the moment
Picture 19 Jasper's amazing maths
Picture 20 Harry washing up for 2 minutes
Picture 21 Harry making a jam sandwich from yesterday's home learning
Picture 22 Harry making a jam sandwich
Picture 1 Mr Webb set playing at home building lego. Here is Lucy's
Picture 2 Nikola from Elephant class
Picture 3 Squeaker (black piggy) has also featured in some of Louise’s other home learning
Picture 4 This is Squeaker and Pepper eating carrot for Louise’s maths challenge today
Picture 5 Olivia's NHS poster
Picture 6 Nam reading in the garden
Picture 7 Bella loved making shapes with straws and modelling clay
Picture 8 Bella Year 2
Picture 9 Harry loved seeing Mr Mercer today, showing him his Maths challenge!
Picture 10 Mia Year 5 Jaguars
Picture 11 Harry Year 3
Picture 12 Grace's maths work
Picture 13 Grace's music work
Picture 1 Sariyah in Year 2 made her Easter card
Picture 2 Elizabeth of Grey Falcons doing her maths
Picture 3 Gabriel's maths 3D shape
Picture 4 Gabriel's Easter card
Picture 5 Playing Hexa game we got from granny Helena from Poland
Picture 6 Julia's self portrait
Picture 7 Milo had great fun making his blossom picture
Picture 8 Nancy reading