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Home Learning for 12.5.20

Picture 1 Mia
Picture 2 Georgia and her Torah Scroll
Picture 3 Abigail practising times table on Hit the Button
Picture 4 Abigail and mummy playing ‘Sing Us A Saga’ for music
Picture 1 Oscar B yr1
Picture 2 The toy soldiers have helped Oscar work out if an odd number can be shared into three groups
Picture 3 Oscar has enjoyed designing a race car for Mrs Armitage
Picture 4 Oscar
Picture 5 Henry M turtle class
Picture 6 Theodore (polar bear) and Henry (turtle class) Pine cone painting
Picture 1 Lara C, Skylarks - Graphic Score
Picture 2 Molly's work
Picture 3 Molly, Grey Falcon
Picture 4 Molly W-F. Grey Falcon
Picture 5 Petra (Skylarks) Musical Journey
Picture 6 Emily (Orangutan) practising her piano with a little help from Daisy!
Picture 7 Olivia (Polar Bear) - Flowers inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe
Picture 8 Eleanor H
Picture 9 Eleanor H
Picture 10 Eleanor H
Picture 11 Eleanor H
Picture 12 Eleanor H
Picture 13 Eleanor H (Skylark class)
Picture 14 Olivia making tea and coffee
Picture 15 Olivia's work
Picture 16 Olivia's work
Picture 17 Olivia B Year 3
Picture 18 Evie S
Picture 19 By Evie S
Picture 20 By Evie S page 2
Picture 1 Josh and Jenson enjoyed performing the English 'I want to paint' class today
Picture 2 Josh and Jenson
Picture 3 Leon A (Flame Robin)
Picture 4 Leon
Picture 5 Leon
Picture 6 Aashiv G (Grey Falcon)
Picture 7 Lucy D from Arctic Wolves (year 2) with her book cover design (independent learning)
Picture 8 Lucy
Picture 9 Antoni N Red Squirrels
Picture 10 Antoni
Picture 11 Daisy M and her Wolf 'Wanted' poster
Picture 1 Harry M from Skylarks - art from his topic work
Picture 2 Naomi with her maths
Picture 3 Oscar's musical journey (Red Squirrel)
Picture 4 Lily loved learning songs from Congo today, thank you Mrs Cass
Picture 5 Freya
Picture 6 Freya (Polar Bear) Working on the explanation text
Picture 7 Henry’s Torah and commandments!
Picture 8 Naomi misses school and she tries to do all her home learning
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18 Jayesh G's work
Picture 19 Tam - 1 min - 19 throws and catches
Picture 20 Nam T - Y4 Elephants- PE challenge results
Picture 1 Mia
Picture 2 Harry
Picture 3 Charlie made some fabulous banana bread!!
Picture 4 Matilda playing Mrs Savill’s cow parsley hooter
Picture 5 Matilda… going on our cow parsley walk this morning
Picture 1 Henry working hard
Picture 2 Henry's work
Picture 3 Henry
Picture 4 Henry's picture
Picture 5 Henry’s Beowulf picture
Picture 6 Safia wanted to show you the flowers we have in the garden that have just blossomed we have been watching them for a few weeks .....
Picture 7 Safia's flowers
Picture 8 Ella-mae G - Okapi
Picture 9 Louise, Grey Falcons, English - I want to paint
Picture 10 Petra Skylarks RE
Picture 11 Luke busy with his English this morning
Picture 1 Petra (Skylarks) Maths
Picture 2 Orla working hard
Picture 3 Chloe working hard
Picture 4 Chloe (Skylarks)
Picture 5 Orla K
Picture 6 Rihanna (Elephants)
Picture 7 Theo - Skylarks - Mrs Armitage's car
Picture 8 Theo - Skylarks - Sonic Musical Journey
Picture 9 Gabriel of Artic Wolves managed 28 throws in a min for Mr Gilkes challenge
Picture 1 Nikola (Elephants) maths independent task
Picture 2 Nikola's maths
Picture 3 Gabriel playing the bongo drums for the A Keelie song! This is for Mrs Cass!
Picture 4 Lucy R's painting skills
Picture 5 Lucy
Picture 6 Lucy
Picture 7 Lucy
Picture 8 Joshua H (Okapi) practising his handwriting
Picture 9 Alice's work
Picture 10 Alice M - Orangutan
Picture 11 Gabriel completed his maths pictograms
Picture 12 Grace
Picture 13 Kai’s rainbow cake made from scratch!
Picture 14 Elizabeth doing maths
Picture 15 Elizabeth practising her 'I want to paint' poem
Picture 1 English by Lucy L
Picture 2 Safia doing music
Picture 3 Safia's first baby tooth has come out and she got some coins from the tooth fairy
Picture 1 Emma- Viking instruments
Picture 2 Johnny P was very proud of his “Scorpion” that he drew yesterday for his creative work lesson....He always claims that he doesn’t enjoy art and it’s not his strong point....I think he did pretty well
Picture 3 Petra (Skylarks) Mrs A’s car
Picture 4 Olivia - Polar Bears
Picture 5 Olivia - Polar Bears
Picture 6 Alex H - Skylarks
Picture 7 Alex H - Skylarks
Picture 8 Katie’s painting techniques.
Picture 9 Lottie B - Flame Robin - English work
Picture 10 Jessie L English
Picture 11 Umeko from year 5 (Orangutans)
Picture 12 Evie C - Okapi
Picture 1 Reuben H working through equivalent fractions
Picture 2 Harry from Skylarks watercolour painting
Picture 3 Oscar W Red Squirrels
Picture 1 Annabelle P (Okapi) researching seasonal food
Picture 2 Francesca P working out her maths problem using lego bricks (Red Squirrels)
Picture 3 Louise H, Grey Falcon, doing the PE challenge
Picture 4 Aaron A's Georgia O'Keefe inspired flower
Picture 5 Leo T with his Phonics
Picture 6 Rosemary G’s work
Picture 7 Rosemary G’s work
Picture 8 Leo T doing his weather diary (Skylarks)
Picture 9 Noah T doing his English
Picture 10 Ethan Year 2- Enjoying spellings
Picture 11 Cameron M starting maths
Picture 12 Will N in Puma class
Picture 13 Erin M working on English
Picture 14 Mia K - Okapi class
Picture 15 Jacob and his watercolour painting
Picture 1 Catching Roxy work out with Joe Wicks for PE today!
Picture 2 Nikola (Elephants) - quest story
Picture 3 Nikola (Elephants) - quest story page 2
Picture 4 Roxy has enjoyed colouring in this picture book, she wanted me to post it for you all to see
Picture 5 Ava H
Picture 6 Maemi H
Picture 7 Fayth got all her maths questions right
Picture 8 Fayth is enjoying her English work
Picture 9 Fayth making her VE Day wreath
Picture 10 Fayth with her wreath
Picture 11 Fayths Homemade VE Wreath (Jaguars)
Picture 12 Lara (Skylarks) practicing paintbrush techniques
Picture 13 Finley (Red.S) and Isla (turtle)
Picture 14 Finley (Red.S) and Isla (turtle)
Picture 15 Isla W
Picture 16 Finley (Red.S) and Isla (turtle)
Picture 17 Finley (Red.S) and Isla (turtle)
Picture 18 Finley (Red.S)
Picture 19 Finley (Red.S)
Picture 20 Finley (Red.S)
Picture 21 Henry’s alliterative sentences (Mrs Archer features)
Picture 22 Oscar B enjoyed making his vehicle - he has named it Hopper!