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Home Learning for 11.5.20

Picture 1 Tugra
Picture 2 Tugra and flower making
Picture 3 Elsa
Picture 4 Josh is concentrating on his spellings
Picture 5 Jenson
Picture 6 Josh
Picture 7 Jenson is working hard at maths
Picture 8 Zachary Power with the VE bunting he made during home learning for his Nan and Grandads house
Picture 9 Zachary Power with his VE bunting
Picture 10 Seb found a rugby ball mandala!
Picture 11 Seb really worked hard on his highwayman story
Picture 12 Jasper drew a beautiful viola
Picture 1 Antoni N - Red Squirrels
Picture 2 Antoni's work
Picture 3 Antoni N - Red Squirrels
Picture 4 Lauren has been doing lots of water colouring during her time at home
Picture 5 Lauren Year 6
Picture 6 Lauren Year 6
Picture 7 Lauren Year 6
Picture 8 Maja had fun making a pair of strawberry cat ears
Picture 9 Maja made a delicious strawberry cake covered with jelly
Picture 1 Lana K - Arctic Wolf
Picture 2 Emily (Orangutan) completing her work and getting all her maths correct!!
Picture 3 Daisy (Dolphin) with today's work
Picture 4 Will's Version of the Highwayman Part 1
Picture 5 Will's version of the Highwayman part 2
Picture 6 Ffion's maths and english
Picture 7 Ffion doing today’s painting activity
Picture 8 Milo
Picture 9 Milo doing his maths
Picture 10 Art - Theo H (Jaguars)
Picture 11 Isobel's Mandala, represents a colourful life and all the things she enjoys doing (Year 6)
Picture 12 Winnie's work
Picture 13 Winnie's work
Picture 14 Winnie working on her English
Picture 15 Isobel K year 6
Picture 16 Katie B 6CD
Picture 17 Katie B 6CD
Picture 18 Enzo - polar bears!
Picture 19 Enzo - polar bears! Working really hard on his maths pictograms
Picture 20 Lucjan
Picture 21 Lucjan, Orangutans, we have had ups and downs today but all completed in the end
Picture 22 Rose's work
Picture 23 Rose's work
Picture 24 Rose's work
Picture 25 Rose's work
Picture 26 Rose working on English and Maths with Daddy
Picture 27 James working hard in his spelling and English today
Picture 28 Lily working hard on her spellings and English today
Picture 1 William (Grey Falcons) working hard on his fractions
Picture 2 Alex (Skylarks)
Picture 3 Alex (Skylarks)
Picture 4 Alex (Skylarks)
Picture 5 Leon's work
Picture 6 Leon's work
Picture 7 Leon A (Flame Robins)
Picture 8 Verity, year 6 Lynx. Alphabet Art
Picture 9 Verity, year 6 - Lynx. Make do and mend
Picture 10 Sparkly pocket sewn on
Picture 1 Chloe sketching a daisy
Picture 2 Edith with her portrait of Grendel from Beowulf
Picture 3 My Flower - Poppy Yr 2
Picture 4 Tallulah doing some art work
Picture 1 Alexander E's (Grey Falcons) work from Monday
Picture 2 Molly K (Polar Bears) - Twisted Traditional Tales
Picture 3 Zachary with his Food Seasonality Table which he has done today
Picture 4 Zachary writing a list of instructions on how to build a stall
Picture 1 Lola H's picture of a flower for art from our garden
Picture 2 Esme P
Picture 3 Esme P's home learning
Picture 4 Florence W's Georgia O'Keeffe flower
Picture 5 Florence W doing yoga this morning
Picture 6 Mia's art
Picture 1 Working hard in school
Picture 2 Working hard in school
Picture 3 Isla B (and Pat the cat) doing some maths
Picture 4 Jacob's work
Picture 5 Jacob's work page 2
Picture 6 Jacob’s Twisted Tale, and reading it to his little brother
Picture 1 Oscar helping daddy lay some bricks
Picture 2 Oscar helping
Picture 3 Oscar
Picture 4 Oscar helped get ready for the VE street party
Picture 5 Oscar
Picture 6 Oscar working hard
Picture 7 Oscar has found lots of things that have wheels and will make his vehicle later today
Picture 8 Oscar has completed today’s home learning activities. He has used his soldiers to answer the maths problem
Picture 9 Oscar's water colour painting while listening to the Beatles music
Picture 10 Katie made a list for Mrs Armitage (Skylarks)
Picture 11 Georgia enjoyed drawing her scary picture of Grendel and Beowulf
Picture 12 Abigail worked hard on her maths today
Picture 13 Tilly P's Artwork
Picture 14 Josh year 5 reading time
Picture 15 Josh - year 5 art
Picture 16 Sofia's cold task story
Picture 17 Sofia (Skylarks) Earth letter
Picture 18 Sofia (Skylarks) hot air drawing
Picture 19 Emily's cold task story
Picture 20 Emily (Skylarks) balloon artwork
Picture 21 Emily (Skylarks) Earth letter
Picture 22 Charlie M from Orangutan's English
Picture 23 Charlie M from Orangutans artwork
Picture 24 Petra's work
Picture 25 Petra T Skylark
Picture 26 Mollie B (Jaguar)
Picture 27 Ela
Picture 28 Ela
Picture 29 Ela
Picture 30 Ela - year 4 Elephants
Picture 31 Ela - year 4 Elephants
Picture 32 Olivia
Picture 33 Olivia & Oscar
Picture 34 Olivia
Picture 35 Olivia
Picture 36 Olivia
Picture 37 Olivia's maths
Picture 38 Olivia's english
Picture 39 Petra's work
Picture 40 Olivia is here listening to Beowulf with Ratty!!
Picture 41 Petra's work
Picture 1 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 2 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 3 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 4 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 5 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 6 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 7 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 8 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 9 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 10 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 11 Harley's work (Year 1)
Picture 1 Emma consulting with her daddy about how to put the table together
Picture 2 Flapjack making
Picture 3 Some yummy flap jack making
Picture 1 A lovely bank holiday weekend celebrating VE Day
Picture 2 Ronnie
Picture 3 Ronnie working hard
Picture 4 Phoebe's mandala for art
Picture 5 Kai & Poppy's maths
Picture 6 Kai & Poppy's maths
Picture 7 Chloe
Picture 8 Chloe
Picture 9 Chloe having a mad afternoon!
Picture 10 Reuben Year 6
Picture 11 Phoebe
Picture 12 Phoebe & family
Picture 13 Phoebe
Picture 14 Phoebe and her sisters made cake balls for our socially distant VE Day street party
Picture 15 Phoebe
Picture 16 Phoebe and her family
Picture 17 Phoebe and her family had a special dinner at home for her big sister, as she would have had a special lunch on Thursday with her friends at school to celebrate leaving school in year 13
Picture 18 Safia's writing
Picture 19 Safia - Year 1
Picture 20 Safia (Red Squirel)
Picture 21 Grace (& Timmy
Picture 22 Tilly's english this morning
Picture 23 Grace
Picture 24 Alexis work (Jaguars)
Picture 1 Mia loved the shout outs! Mia did well with her English and Maths this morning
Picture 2 Harry did well with his Maths and English this morning
Picture 3 Ava with her work
Picture 4 Ava (Red Squirrels)
Picture 5 Ava's vehicle
Picture 6 Edward O, Grey Falcons, working on fractions
Picture 1 Finley taking part in one of my love workouts!
Picture 2 Finley J's work
Picture 3 Finley J's work
Picture 4 Jessica's diagram of a tomato plant and labelling (Polar Bears)
Picture 5 Theo Lisle Skylarks practising his paint technique
Picture 6 Noah’s cress results
Picture 7 Noah’s cress results
Picture 8 Katie's instructions (Skylarks)
Picture 9 Katie made her 4 wheel vehicle
Picture 10 Katie chose to make a picture of a horse chestnut tree as they have leaves and flowers at this time of year. Mum helped a little with this! (Skylarks
Picture 11 Rosie K (Skylarks) doing some addition
Picture 12 Julia G
Picture 13 Julia G enjoyed a bit of sunshine and a Moccha shake this weekend
Picture 14 Aashiv (Year 3)
Picture 15 Siena’s creative work that she has been doing (Year 3)
Picture 16 Leo with his UK & Australia factfile
Picture 17 Noah G's quest story
Picture 18 Millie O, Leopards, working on her Highwayman story
Picture 19 Elizabeth working on fractions today
Picture 20 Here’s a picture of Luke starting his work today, with his pencil person that he made to keep him company in the absence of classmates!!
Picture 1 Ellie C (Red Squirrels) - A Kandinsky-inspired activity we did at the weekend
Picture 2 Callum W (Year 6) enjoying reading Harry Potter to his siblings
Picture 3 Reece W year 3 on the rockstar app
Picture 4 Ruby reading on bug club with her big brother
Picture 5 Ruby (Early Years) reading on bug club with her big brother.
Picture 6 Isabelle's VE day bunting (Flame Robins).
Picture 7 Louise H, Grey Falcons. Working on subordinating conjunctions
Picture 8 Hollie wanted to share some photos of her making bunting for our stay at home street party to celebrate VE day this bank holiday weekend
Picture 1 Rosie's work (Year 5)
Picture 2 Rosie G's work (Year 5)
Picture 3 Ethan (Leopards) headed to the kitchen on Thursday – he baked some carrot scones and prepared mojitos for the whole family.
Picture 4 Daniel and Maisie
Picture 5 Daniel and Maisie with their coloured in VE Day bunting
Picture 6 Annabelle out for a walk
Picture 7 Annabelle working hard
Picture 8 Annabelle with her vehicle
Picture 9 Annabelle's seeds
Picture 10 Annabelle has had a great time learning from home!
Picture 11 Rihanna doing her school work last week (Elephants)
Picture 12 Henry (Okapi class) is very proud of his quest story about his ca
Picture 13 Frankie
Picture 14 Frankie
Picture 15 Frankie's work
Picture 16 Frankie's work
Picture 17 Frankie's work
Picture 18 Frankie's work
Picture 19 For Mrs Archer from Frankie (Flame Robins). He would like to tell her that he is very proud of his English writing and he thinks it is the best work he has ever done!
Picture 20 Hallie G telling part of the story
Picture 21 Roxy's Beowulf work for English
Picture 22 Max making a wormery that he was given for his birthday which he enjoyed doing so much
Picture 23 Max P working hard
Picture 24 Mollie with her 4 wheeled vehicle model
Picture 25 Milo and Finley made a cake by themselves
Picture 26 Milo doing his flashback English work
Picture 27 Milo preparing his veg for his science experiment
Picture 28 Oliver N