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On Tuesday 8th May, Year 5 were visited by Master Thadeus, an Athenian from Ancient Greece. The morning was filled with workshops at the market place where the children became apprentices, mastering skills needed for trading including making mosaics, painting frescos and clay pots, moulding clay amphoras, tea lights and charms, creating wax tablets and mixing herbal remedies. The morning ended with Master Thadeus retelling the myth of Perseus and Medusa.


The afternoon was filled with entertainment in the amphitheatre to celebrate a Greek festival. The children became slaves and fed the audience with a Greek feast, dancers celebrated the cycle of life, actors re-enacted famous myths and stories and the hopilites (Greek soldiers) performed a sequence of attacking moves.


The day was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all children. A big thank you to all of the parents that were able to help out on the day.

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