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Hagbane's Doom

Year Six have ended the Year on a high with their production of Hagbane's Doom.


Three children, Sophie, Josh and Andrea find something very mysterious about an archway in their local park: it seems to have their own names inscribed on it. Going through the archway, they find themselves transported into another world, caught up in a battle to save the Forest of Alamore from the wicked crone Hagbane, who has stolen the Merestone - a magical stone that is essential to keep the forest alive. Prince Oswain (rightful ruler of the Forest), the children, and the forest animals defeat Hagbane and her army of Grims and Grogs. In the dramatic climax of the show, Oswain is triumphant and the Merestone is restored to rightful place.

The production was a triumph with a blend of dances, songs, acting and music.

Well done to all who took part.